Day In the Country 2015

Like I said…this weekend was one for the books!

Saturday a bunch of us went to A Day in The Country at the Woodlands Pavillion,

it may or may not be my favorite time of year!

A Day In the Country is just what is sounds like…A day full of amazing country artists!

Tank: Brandy Melville (similar)

Vest: Urban Outfitters (similar)

Shorts: American Eagle 

Boots: Justin Brand via Cavenders (similar)

The concert is an all day thing but we decided to all meet up and hang out for a while,
then show up to the concert later in the day when our favorite artists would be performing!

We all met up and Kyle’s aunts house for a few hours to eat, drink, and hang out.
Then we headed out to a bar for a little pre-concert fun/booze.

It was kind of the best day ever…

Why do weekends have to end?!

xoxo, Monica

Rodeo Round Two



Jeans: TJ Maxx

Booties: Zara

Necklace: Forever21

One of my besties and her boyfriend invited Kyle and I to the rodeo
and we were soooo excited!
I could go to the rodeo every night, I just LOVE it!
We all met at a little mexican spot called Chachos, they are well known for their
cheap & STRONG margaritas, and excellent nachos!
Afterwards we hopped in the car together and headed to the rodeo!

We had SO much fun! 

The seats were awesome and Jake Owens performance was SO good!

After the rodeo we walked around and played same games and ate some corn dogs!

It was such a fun night and I’m sooooo sad that the rodeo is pretty much over 🙁

We definitely have to go more next year.

It’s so weird that Kyle and I have a “baby” now.

Like I HATE leaving her and worry the entire time when we go somewhere.

Thankfully I work from home so she gets a lot of playing time during the day,

but geez she is a hand full! 

But she’s literally the cutest pup in the entire world so even though she can be a pain,

her cuteness makes up for it all <3

Oh and our wedding photos FINALLY came in!

Eeeeee can’t wait to show y’all tomorrow!!!