Rodeo Cook Off 2016

Yes I’m aware these are blurry -_- I was in a rush y’all. :/

Top: Billabong via LuLus

Jacket: Forever21

Skirt: Mura Boutique

Boots:  Justin Boots via Cavenders 

My best girlfriend Claire scored tickets to Rodeo Cook Off Thursday night & invited Kyle and I!

I’ve never actually been to cook off so I was super excited.

We headed over to their place to have a few drinks then took the train to NRG.

We sipped on some beers and listened to some good ol country music.

Claire and I did some dancing while the boys just watched haha

Still working on getting Kyle to come out on the dance floor with me..

That boy is stubborn as all hell when it comes to dancing, oh well.

Ya win some and ya lose some!

Happy Monday!