18 weeks + Last boat date as a family of 3

Happy Monday!
I am officially 18 weeks pregnant, and I am LOVING this whole “growing a baby” thing.



I’ve been craving milk, like so much milk..
(it’s actually a little scary how much I could drink)
and Chinese food and CARBS, but mainly biscuits and milk? so weird.
I’m feeling GREAT, but have to be in bed by 8:30 or I get grumpy.
I’ve gained a total of 8 lbs so far and cannot wait to start decorating the nursery!


Kyle and his cousin Corey purchased a boat for the family in July of 2016!
One of mine and Kyles favorite things to do has been to take it out in the evenings
on a week night just us and Charley and make a little date night out of it.
and now that Fall is here…well it’s supposed to be here, but we live in Houston, so…


We probably won’t be taking the boat out much more this year,
Especially once the time changes and it starts getting darker earlier.
So Kyle and I decided to have one last family {boat} date night before
there’s a real life little babe outside of my belly!





I seriously can’t believe i’m almost half way through this pregnancy!
Part of me feels like we just found out yesterday and another part of me feels
like March is a million years away.

We’ve been doing some adjustments to our guest rooms and moving things around
and building things etc. I can’t wait to show y’all!!!
I want to do a full home tour for y’all once we really get everything DONE.

Alright, well i’m off to get a little work out in.

Have a great day babes!

Life Update + Date Night

Things are going to be changing a little bit in my world soon!

I officially applied to be a Substitute Teacher this year!


As much as I love being at home, blogging, and running my online boutique.

The income right now just isn’t as consistent as I would like…

and to be completely honest, I NEED HUMAN INTERACTION.

I’m hoping I’ll hear back from them sometime this week so I can start soon!

Not only am I excited about getting out of the house,

but I actually have an excuse to create a cute look multiple times a week!!

{whoop whoop}

My pregnancy has left me SO tired all the time, 

so this will be a good way to get up and moving and hopefully be more productive. 

Kyle and I went on a little date night on Friday, 

which means I FINALLY washed my hair and changed out of my sweatpants! 


We went to Shogun, one of those Japanese Grills where they cook in front of you!

If you’ve never been to a restaurant like this, you typically sit at a big table with random people.

Kyle and I were the first to arrive, and then a girl and her mom arrived after us and sat by us,

and then a family of four…

I’m leaving out a bunch of little details BUT the main reason i’m telling y’all this story is because….

E V E R Y  S I N G L E person at the table {besides Kyle and I} was on an electronic device

the entire freaking dinner!!!!!!

Guys, it was so weird.

Nobody even said hi to us, and NO ONE was talking,

which made it uncomfortable for Kyle and I to have a conversation because 

they were all sitting at the same table as us and it was SO quiet they could hear every word

that we said to each other.

It was seriously the weirdest and saddest thing. 

Anyways, I’m telling all of you this to say, please don’t be those people.

In a world where we’re all addicted to our phones and technology, myself included.

DO NOT let it get so bad that you can’t even enjoy a dinner with your family.

I’ll be the first to admit, that yes, I love social media, and the internet and all of the above.

But I do everything I can to still be in the moment as much as possible,

and to not let it hurt my relationships and friendships.

Hell, I give all of you who are reading this that hang out with me to CALL ME OUT,

if i’m ever with you and i’m not paying attention to you because i’m on my phone.

I D O  N O T ever want to be that person. 

Okay, rant over. 

Time to get off the internet and get some work done and do something outside in this

UH MAZING weather God has been blessing us with lately!

Hope everyone enjoys their Monday!

Sunday Evening Adventures.

This Sunday Kyle and I were doing our usual “Sunday”…

Ya know, sitting on the couch watching tv, 

then eating, then sitting on the couch watching tv, then more eating.

It was about 4:30 and I leaned over and said, 

“Lets drive to San Antonio & take Charley on a hike”

I was 100% dead serious, and he was actually considering it for a second.

But then – he had a better idea.

I’ve been begging Kyle to just take Charley & I out on the boat since he got the boat back in July.

I remember years ago, when we hadn’t been dating long, he took me out on his grandpas boat,

just the two of us – and it was one of the best days of my life.

Wellp, this Sunday definitely topped it. 

We grabbed the girl and a bottle of wine & headed out to the river about 5pm, 

It was raining, but we didn’t care. 

We drove around for a bit and then Charley and I jumped in and swam for a little while.

There are these little beaches of sand along the side of the river so we decided to park,

andddddddddd we discovered my new most favorite place EVER.

It was unbelievably peaceful, and beautiful, and JUST the escape we needed.

We walked around & drank some wine,

Then sat down for a bit and talked…

It was just the random adventure that we needed.

What’s a weekend without a margarita?

This pretty little number is one of my new favorite outfits. 

Top: ShopMCE [similar]

Shorts: Tobi

Wedges: Agaci

Necklace: Kendra Scott

Watch: Jord

This watch is unbelievably stunning!!! 

Wood watches are my all time favorite and this one I’m wearing is especially beautiful, 

I had SUCH a hard time deciding between this one and the one with a teal face…

the teal one will definitely need to make it’s way to my jewelry collection soon!

You can find more beautiful wooden watches HERE

Weekends are my favorite.

Friday night Kyle and I had a little double date action with my best friend Claire and her fiancé Brett.

The night was flowing with margaritas and queso and boy oh boy do I live for nights like those.

Nothing makes me happier than knowing that one night of bad food isn’t going to ruin all of my progress.

Thank God for good friends and long weekends.

Happy Monday!

xoxo, Monica