Repeat Outfit and Blog Design HELP!

I definitely wore this exact outfit about a year ago on a date night with Kyle.

Except these jeans are new so I guess you can say I did a little outfit upgrade.

Tank: [similar]

Vest: [similar]

Jeans: [similar]

Booties: Zara

So I recently changed the template of my blog and have been super happy!

That is, until I realized all of my pictures on previous posts are squished/distorted.

I realized that I HAVE to choose the “original size” option when posting pictures,

and sometimes they look fine and sometimes they are MASSIVE and just way too much.

I really need one of you blog design geniuses to help me out! 

I want to be able to choose the size I want the picture to be and have it still appear clear and normal.

I haven’t changed my camera or done anything different so i’m thinking it must be the template I chose?

I’m also really bummed because now every single post i’ve done before I changed the template is 

basically ruined, the pictures are terrible.

Someone PLEASE help, or point me in the right direction to where I can get some help!

Like, I’m begging you…

xoxo, Monica