Stitch Fix For the Win

Dress: PaperMoon via StitchFix

Sandals: LuLus

Clutch: Windsor Store

I am totally not the girl that can rock body con dresses,

I have a very straight body and hey that’s totally okay, 

but body con dresses really just look silly on me.

However, I think i’ve finally found an exception!

This little number came in my very first StitchFix box!

I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked such a form fitting dress,

the fit and the stripes really work in a way to give even the straightest figure a little shape.

So I was planning on wearing this dress Friday to a surprise birthday dinner,

butttttt I ended up going with a little suede number instead…

Which I will share with y’all tomorrow 😉 

Happy Monday!

Maxi Dress Fever and My Favorite Places to Shop!

 Don’t know about y’all, but once the weather starts warming up I LIVE for maxi dresses.

They are pretty much perfect and are known for being dressy and comfy at the same time.

Oh, and they are usually SUPER flattering and so so pretty.

So since I have such maxi fever right now I decided to share with y’all some of my favs,

These maxi dresses are from my all time FAVORITE boutiques/stores,

and pretty much the only places I shop at! 

Now you can shop them to!

ShopMCE, LuLus, Dainty Hooligan, Tobi, WindsorStore, Mura Boutique

[if you click the pictures it will take you to the website where you can buy them!!]

Presley Maxi Dress

This dress is ONLY $35!!!

I put this dress on and totally felt like a mermaid…I mean can it get any better than that?!

O’Neill Moore Black Floral Print Maxi Dress

This dress is $69.50 and SO stunning. I am madly in love with the neckline.

And well you can never go wrong with a floral print! 

Spent In The Sun Maxi Dress

This stunning maxi is $42. 

The color is what gets me, absolutely beautifulllllllll!

Paint Me Ethnic Maxi Dress

This little number is $55

I died over the print on this maxi as soon as I laid eyes on it.

Leah Maxi Dress

This maxi is $66

It is the perfect combination of simple and sexy, 

it’s always good to have a maxi like this in your closet on standby!

The Edge Maxi

This maxi is is $59.

Stripes and Scooped backs are my GO TO, seriously love.

and last but not least this Purple Tie Dye Waves Maxi Dress

This dress is $49..90

The print is stunning yet the dress is super casual, perfect for a brunch date!

Hope you ladies enjoyed my fav maxis/boutiques!!

Let me know if you buy any of these beauties!!!

Happy Shopping & Happy Friday!

xoxo, Monica

My Personal DRESSES for SALE!!!


I’ve got some really really beautiful and adorable dresses that I have NEVER worn,

that I’m wanting to sell!

I’m starting this new thing where if I don’t wear something within a certain amount of time

I give it [sell it] to someone else to enjoy!

All of these are size small, and have never EVER been worn.

Leave a comment or email me [] with your paypal email if you’re interested!

If you don’t have paypal and are dying for one of these still let me know and we will figure something out!

This first dress is everything.

From Xenia – and was originally $58!

Top left Grey Dress: ShopHopes – was originally $37

This dress would be adorable for pretty much any summer activity,

OR with a crop sweater thrown on top and some booties!

Top Right Champagne Bow Dress: LuLus – was originally $92!!!!! Talk about a DEAL.

I bought this dress to wear to my bachelorette party but ended up wearing something different.

Bottom Leather Detail One Shoulder Dress: Tobi – Pretty sure it was $40 something

This dress is PERFECT for just about any night out!

Bottom Right Green Floral Print Dress: Forever 21 – Was originally $24

Here’s a better pic

I bought this specifically for the rodeo! Is it not a perfect dress for some boots?!

Enjoy shopping!!!!

xoxo, Monica

This girl said YES to a very special dress.

This weekend was SO much fun.

I FINALLY got to ask all my bridesmaids to officially be my bridesmaids lol

Saturday Kyles mom, sister, and cousin came down to go dress shopping with me!

As well as my mom and sister (duh)

We had such a good time!

I tried on a few different styles and everyone fell in love with 

this one particular dress.

It was not the style I had ever imagined myself in, but I couldnt help but love it

because of how everyone re-acted when they saw me in it!

I also kept remembering everyone saying

“you’ll be surprised, most people fall in love with something completely different than they imagined”

We went to 2 different bridal shops and this dress was by far everyones favorite.

I left thinking that that dress MAY be the one I’m walking down the aisle in.

After I got home I kept second guessing that dress and looking through

all of the pictures we took of me in all of the other dresses.

Something just didn’t feel right.

The dress was absolutely STUNNING, and I did feel beautiful in it.

But it just didn’t feel like me.

I think I was so in love with the way everyone re-acted that I felt like

that one just HAD to be it, even though I didn’t feel 100% confident in it.

I thought about it, and slept on it.

And I just had such an uneasy feeling that I knew I needed to keep looking.

The next night my mom and I went back to one of the stores,

because this one specific dress kept popping into my head.

I put it on, walked around, stared in the mirror, and just KNEW.

It felt like me, it looked like me, it was MY dress.

I feel like Kyle will love this one more than any of the other ones I tried on too.

So, after walking around in it and staring at myself in it for about 30-45 minutes 

I FINALLY said yes and decided it was THE ONE.

It feels like a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders now!

I am beyond excited and can’t wait to see Kyle’s face when he sees me in it.

and I CANT wait to show y’all either!!! 


<3 <3

Overwhelmed…In a good way.

Can y’all believe he FINALLY did it?!

I think I’m still in shock.

[Excuse my boy hands, I obviously wasnt expecting a proposal.]


so much for all of the love!

We are both seriously so pumped.

I am so full of emotions you would think I was pregnant.

(I’m NOT)

One minute I can’t stop smiling, the next I’m crying, then I’m giggling uncontrollably.

I can’t believe that I finally get to put all of my wedding pins on pinterest to good use


I am having one major dilemma though.

Maybe y’all can help?

For the past few months when I’ve been daydreaming about my wedding

I’ve pictured myself wearing a beautiful ball gown wedding dress…

but now that I actually get to pick a dress out I’m SO confused.

I have NO idea what style I want, obviously I’ll have a better idea once I try them on.

But I want y’alls opinions, what kind of dress can you picture me in?!

Ball Gown? Mermaid? Simple? Lace? Satin?

Go into full detail if you want, lol I need ALL the help I can get.

I’ve got a lotttttttttt of decisions to make soon, 

but at least they are all fun decisions!

How has everyone been?! 

Obviously, I’ve been pre-occupied with all of this craziness going on!