Vegas Day 2…

Day 2 in Vegas…

My friend Patric was supposed to arrive the night before and him and I were supposed to spend the day together exploring Vegas and hanging by the pool while the other boys golfed….

Well, his flight got cancelled and therefore I was left all alone…

His new flight was supposed to arrive around 2:30 so I had planned on enjoying the morning and doing a little shopping and then once he arrived we would go to the pool together!

 I spent most of the morning lounging around and enjoying getting to stay in bed.

Then decided to order a little room service…

After breakfast I continued lounging…

And maybe took a selfie every now and then…

an hour or 2 went by and I decided it was time to do a little exploring!

I’m not gonna lie I was a little nervous to explore this city all by myself.

As soon as I got into the hotel lobby a drunk guy grabbed my arm, spun me around,

and pulled me into him….

our faces were literally 1/2 an inch apart and for half a second I was terrified that he was going to go in for the kill.

Thank God I had the strength to pull away and give him the death stare.

He still had a hold of my arm and was mumbling some random questions,

and I just politely smiled and shook my head….

I knew he meant no harm and was just being drunk and annoying.

He asked for a kiss on the cheek and I respectfully declined {in front of all his friends} 

and went on my way…

I made it out of the hotel alive and started heading towards the strip…

Let me tell ya, I had a pretty good time even though I was by myself.

I was SO tempted to whip out my selfie stick, but I didn’t have the courage to go that far haha

I walked about 15 minutes over to Planet Hollywood and did a little shopping!

Bought myself some adorable floral shoes and floral shorts at H&M,

I’m sure you’ll see them soon 😉

After walking around for a while I headed back to the hotel in hope that Patric would arrive soon!

I get back to the hotel only to hear some bad news…

Patrics plane was still on the ground and maintenance was working on it. 


I really wasn’t surprised since we had already been have such crappy luck.

This meant I had a few more hours to kill a llllllll by myself….

The good news is the selfie lighting in our room was superb.


It was a very lonely but pretty good day in Vegas for me!

I was SO excited when the boys finally got back from golfing!