Early bird gets the worm

Labor Day Weekend is always something I look forward too.

For the past few years Kyle and I (and his entire family) always go down to the Valley 

for opening weekend.

This year we left on Thursday so we could get some fishing in Friday morning!

It’s not often that i’m up to watch the sunrise, but when I am –
I make sure to soak in every minute.

I’d like to say that I’m a badass fisher[wo]man BUT I always like to keep it real with y’all…

I pretty much only go in hopes to see some dolphins, and of course for a good selfie. 

Y’all would be so proud though…I totally caught 2 fish all on my own, 

reeled those suckers in and everything.

Oh and here’s a rare and adorable photo of Kyle,

Yes, he’s posing to make fun of me.

There may or may not have been a photo shoot prior to this picture 

where I did the exact same pose…Unfortunately, he nailed it much better than I did. 

We ended up reaching our limit before noon and thank God we did because,

Holy crap it was H O T.

And after the fishing was done we got back to the house and took a 4 hour nap…


On Saturday and Sunday we attempted to go dove hunting…

More Labor Day weekend details will be up tomorrow!!