Tuesday Feels + an OOTD

Happy Tuesday friends!!
I actually wore this outfit on NYE but didn’t snap any pictures in it.
But it’s one of my favs, and every time I wear this shirt Kyle compliments me so I wanted to make sure I shared the cuteness with y’all! Oh and PS, this maternity top is also nursing friendly, SCORE. 

These booties are my favorite & unfortunately sold out everywhere, but I linked about a bajillion options for y’all, if you just click that little arrow next to the images you can scroll through!
// Top // Vest // Pants // (similar) Booties //

If I’m honest, the last few weeks have been rough.
So many people close to me are suffering and it’s absolutely heartbreaking.
Suffering the loss of a child, suffering the loss of a best friend, a mom, a pet, a broken relationship/marriage…the list goes on and on, and although I’m unbelievably grateful for my healthy/happy little family I can’t help but hurt & grieve for those around me.

Feeling extra thankful for a God who heals, comforts & gives us grace to handle difficult things when we need it. Feeling so blessed to have had a perfectly healthy pregnancy so far and feeling so lucky to have a husband who supports me and understands me and takes care of me and loves me through all these crazy pregnancy hormones. It’s never fun to watch the people around you and the people you love hurting, but it does make my heart happy to see them leaning on God and trusting Him in the midst of all the pain.

Saying extra prayers today for all those hurting!
Love y’all.

These boots were made for walkin’…

Happy Monday Y’all!!
I have been DYNG to share this outfit with all of you.
If you follow me on Instagram you probably already saw the sneak peek that I posted yesterday!
I wore this outfit to one of my best friends 30th birthday outings on Saturday,
& I’m totally in love with everything about it.

Okay, let’s get down to business…
I scored this cropped sweater years ago but I linked a bunch of SUPER cute cropped
sweater options for y’all below! This fitted skirt is from ShopPinkBlush, and it’s
unbelievably soft and stretchy! Every item I’ve received from PinkBlush has seriously been so comfy!
The majority of my maternity clothing is from there, and I HIGHLY recommend ordering
from them if you haven’t already. They carry non maternity as well!

Anddddd, last but not least…THESE BOOTS THOUGH.
I received SO many messages when I posted these on Insta stories!
They are hands down the best OTK boots I have ever purchased,
and I can absolutely promise you that you WILL NOT regret ordering yourself a pair.
I wore them all night long and they do not fall whatsoever, and they are super comfortable.
My feet have been killing me since being pregnant and I am honestly SO shocked
to say that my feet felt great on Saturday night.
These boots were like totally/seriously/100% made for walkin’ y’all!
PS: Use code “INSTA14” for $30 off!!

// Sweater (old) // Skirt // Boots //

Kyle’s cousin Krissa is one of my very best friends and she turns 30 this week!!
She’s going to be out of town this coming weekend so a bunch of us girls planned
a fun little girls night out for her to celebrate!
It was the first time I’ve actually been “out out” since being pregnant, and oh what an experience it was! haha. Can’t even begin to tell y’all the funny stares and judgmental looks that came my way.
At the end of the night I was standing outside waiting for Kyle to pick me up and
I even caught this girl taking a picture of me!! I noticed her and the group she was with pointing at us, I guess they’ve never seen a pregnant person out past 10pm before? *rolls eyes*
So awkward.
My sweet {and feisty} soon to be sister in law saw the girl do it and ran over and put her in her place.
Needless to say, this mama to be was a tad out of her element, and slightly uncomfortable.
BUT we had such a fun night and I would do it 100x over again for my babe Krissa!
Birthday girl and me are pictured below.

Is Thanksgiving next week already?!
I cannot believe it…time to start preparing and also get some Christmas shopping done!

I’m not like a regular pregnant lady, I’m a COOL pregnant lady.

Happy Wednesday!
As most of you know, I do photography part time.
I had the pleasure of taking some engagement photos for my brother in law and his fiancé last Friday!
They chose some super cute Houston art walls to pose in front of,  and while they were doing an outfit change I just HAD to snap a pic in front of this one.

Dress (I tied it to make it shorter)/ Denim Button Up (similar) / Sneaks

I posted this on insta and a girl had commented saying I should frame this in his nursery, Which is actually a super cute idea!

 Anyways, I need y’all to tell me if i’m crazy. So lately I’ve started having this irrational fear that all of my friends without babies are never going to want to hang out with me anymore.
Is this a normal thing? Or am I losing it?

I do have a couple of friends with kiddos, but the majority of my “best” friends don’t have kids yet…
And I am SO afraid of being “that mom”, y’all know what i’m talking about.
The mom that ONLY talks about her kid, always. Like even on “girls nights” when everyone is just trying to vent and catch up…and they’re just over there talking about how often their baby’s pooping, or that he’s started eating solid foods, or how he woke up 12 times last night….
Is this a normal fear?!
I mean of course I’m going to talk about it, because it’s consuming my life and thoughts (& body)
BUT I still want to be cool, and funny, and relatable, and have typical girl talk.
Ayyyyyy yi yi!
So I just had lunch with one of my best girlfriends and once I got in my car,
I immediately started asking myself “Omg was I boring?
Did I talk too much about pregnancy or baby stuff??
We didn’t laugh as much as we usually do…Omg am I not funny anymore?”
I’m pretty sure i’m just losing it,
because honestly I crack myself up on the daily.
…..Which, I guess could also be a sign of losing it…..

Okay, I’m done for the day.

 Bloggers, What are some of y’alls favorite weekly link ups?!
I’m wanting in on the action so share your favs with me!

Memorial Day Weekend Recap Part II

Once all of the wedding festivities were over

 and the happy couple was off to their honeymoon,

we decided to make the last day a vacation day.

Which means, BOAT DAY!

Unfortunately this suit is completely sold out everywhere, 

but i’ll link some other cute options for y’all below!

here, here, here, and here

It was the perfect relaxing ending to our busy weekend.

That evening us girls went to a Spazmatics concert and 


it was freaking amazing!

If you don’t know who they are (I didn’t before the concert) They’re a band

that plays/performs 80’s music.

They were such good performers and we all seriously had the best time ever.

But now it’s back to reality…

I have my 10 year high school reunion this Saturday.

(wait when did I get so old)

So that should be interesting, i’m sure there will be plenty of alcohol involved.

Happy Thursday!

Fredericksburg Weekend Recap

Happy Friday!

This past weekend I got to celebrate my amazing sister in law, Michelle.
I got to spend the weekend with such an incredible group of girls
and we had SO much fun drinking wine and telling stories and just laughing our butts off.

We arrived in canyon lake Friday night and had a relaxing night in,

I got the chance to meet a lot of Michelles’ close friends for the first time.

They are all SO sweet, 

we spent Friday night drinking margs and catching up/getting to know each other.

Saturday was spent frolicking around the Hill Country drinking lots and lots of wine.

I wore this adorable romper with these Steve Madden wedges that i’ve literally been 

eyeing for what seems like FOREVER now. 

SO glad I caved and purchased them.

Romper: ShopAtImage | Wedges: Steve Madden via DSW

I don’t think the weather could’ve been any better the entire weekend,
[Shout out to Jesus] After the wineries we headed back to the house to relax before our dinner reservations.

The weekend went by WAY too fast, as it always does.
But of course i’m happy to be back home.
Hope all of you had an easy breezy week and enjoy your weekend!