Girlfriends and Good Choices.



Jeans: Kohls

Ankle Booties:

Kyle and I were planning on having a night in on Friday…
Until my girlfriend Liz called and said a bunch of friends are going to dinner.
So our night in turned into a semi-late night out!

Nothing is better than a night out with my best girlfriends though.

Every time we hang out together my abs are always sore the next morning from laughter.
Which is actually really sad because that just proves what terrible shape I’m in…

BUT I have been trying to slowly improve that,
even with my diet!
I’ve been trying REALLY hard to start drinking green tea instead of coffee….
I feel guilty typing this because I’m actually drinking coffee right this second BUT
that’s only because I ran out of green tea, I’ll be buying more at the store today!

I’ve also always been one of those people that rarely eats breakfast,
but I’m kind of trying to reverse my eating schedule to how it’s supposed to be.
Big breakfast, medium lunch, small dinner.
oh, and healthy snacks in between of course!

I figure that’s a good start? Just gotta be consistent!

Well, time to go do some squats!
Happy Hump Day Y’all!

xoxo, Monica