Back On a Routine.

Why is getting back on a normal routine SO dang hard after a vacation?!


Last week I was exhausted every single day, barely worked out,  and ate like crap.

But this week I’m back at it. 

Has anyone else been seeing and hearing ALL about the “Kayla Movement” lately?!

Well, I’ve been following her on instagram for a little while now, 

and well I gave in.

She’s got this 12 week bikini body guide (along with a bunch of other things) and I totally bought it.

It took me a few weeks to convince myself but I’m really happy I did.

I start day 1 today and I’m really pumped about it.

It’s going to be really nice to just take a piece of paper into the gym with me every day,

and know exactly what I need to do and get it done.

[Learn more about her guide HERE]

My biggest problem when I go to the gym is not having a plan.

Sure I’ll say “it’s leg day, arm day etc” but not having specific work outs in mind often 

lead to boredom, laziness, or just leaving right after cardio.

And Lord knows I need weights in my life, otherwise I’d be the skinny fat version of scrawny Ronnie.

So, I’ll definitely keep yall updated on my progress and how I like her work outs!

You should follow her on instagram for inspiration at the least. 

Happy Monday Ladies, I know it’s not the happiest of days but try to make it one!