Hair probs

Y’all…why didn’t any of you tell me my hair was yellow?!

I kind of kept thinking that I wasn’t in love with the color anymore…

and when I hung out with my friend Claire this last weekend and compared our hair…

hollllyyyyyyy crap.

The Brass was on another level y’all.

But i’ll forgive you, 

I’ll just assume y’all were too nice or too busy reading my awesome posts

to notice that my hair was a hot mess.


Claire and I ended up running sprinting to Sallys on Sunday to see if we could fix it.

Got myself some toner, and some purple shampoo and went to work!

It definitely helped a little bit, it’s much more blonde than yellow now..

But i’m still wanting a little change.

SO I made myself an appointment and i’m going to bring the darkness down and blend it

throughout more! 

SUPER excited about this, my appointment is Tuesday so i’ll be sure to share

a before and after with y’all! 

Anyways, how is everyone? what’s going on? 

It’s November here and i’m still wearing shorts so…not much new over here.


Top: LuLus | Jacket: JCrew [similar] | Jeans: Free People | Booties: Zara

I’m all about braids lately y’all.

Casual, fancy, basic, fishtail, loose, classic…you name it – I love them all. 

Unfortunately for me, I can never seem to do cool braided looks on myself…

But luckily my boutique is located inside of a hair salon and well..need I say more?!

After work Saturday I headed straight to a girlfriends baby shower across town

then got ready for a girls night out on the town. 

I had a girlfriend at work do a boho braid for the baby shower.

I had a semi faux hawk going on in the front and here’s the back, 

Then for girls night out my friend Rachel did this little number…

I really wish I could show y’all exactly how these 2 braids were done,

but I have no earthly idea so…


However I’m on a mission to start doing more videos for y’all.

What do y’all think? What would you be interested in seeing?

Make Up Reviews? Get Ready With Me Videos? Fashion Videos? Hair Videos?

You name it and i’ll work on it! 

Happy Monday Ladies!

The Chop.


I totally didn’t realize how behind I am, I haven’t even showed y’all my new hair!!!


Although if you follow me on instagram i’m sure you’re already well aware.

BUT…a couple weeks ago I randomly decided I was going to chop all of my hair off…

I’m the type of girl that panics if life starts getting too routine or un-exciting,

Every now and then I just need some kind of drastic change, 

and well, this time, my hair was the victim.

She cut about 10 inches off and holy crap I felt like a new woman.

Here’s a little before and after for all of you.

I’m not going to lie and i’ll admit sometimes I REALLY miss my long hair,

BUT it’s a fun little change and it’s SO much easier to maintain.

I’m definitely a long haired girl at heart

 so it will be fun to go through the stages of growing it back out.

However, I think I’m more into the straight look with it short…

What do y’all think?!

Anyone else thinking about going for the LOB this Spring?

Hope all of you have a wonderful Monday!

Who’s pumped about HOME DATES on the Bachelor tonight?!


Changin’ Things Up.

Guess who hopped over to the blonde side?!

THIS girl!!!

It’s a HUGE change and I’m definitely still getting used to it, but I think I’m really going to like it!

I just have to give a huge shout out to my colorist, he did an AMAZING job y’all…

So the photo on the left is the one I showed him and told him I liked,

and the 2 smaller photos on the right are my before and after….

is that crazy or what?!?!

Follow him on instagram >>> @evensteven22

does that blow your mind?

My after photo looks almost identical to the photo I showed him!

It’s a huge adjustment because I feel like I can’t wear certain colors now?

Or like…I don’t like as good in them as I did with my dark hair…

Does that make sense?! Like has this happened to anyone else??

I’ll tell you one thing though I will definitely be rocking red lips more often.

For some reason blonde hair + red lips just make me feel amazing. 

But ANYWAYS…One of my best girlfriends, Skye[& hopefully soon to be sister in law] graduated!!

She had a little brunch Friday afternoon to celebrate with friends and family.

The weather has been so gross here lately so unfortunately outfit photos just aren’t happening.

But I did manage to snap a mirror selfie.

Not the best or most flattering photos 🙁 BUT the only ones I got.

Top: LuLus

Jeans: LuLus

Wedges: MIA via Ebay

Necklace: Love it Buy it

My birthday was Saturday and I had THE best day!!

Will share what I did tomorrow so make sure you come back and check it out :] 

I’m just a TAD obsessed with the outfit I wore.

Happy Monday!! I’m about to get in my 30 minute cardio work out!

xoxo, Monica

Brunchin’ Again.

Kyle and I LOVE to do brunch, 

there are so many little places downtown that have amazing brunch 

and we love trying out new restaurants. 

Last Sunday we met up with Bryan & Skye for brunch and mimosas!

[my brother in law and his girlfriend]

We went to a place called Royal Oak Bar & Grill,

I had been there once with my girlfriends and all I remember was there amazing mimosas!

They come in pitchers and they have a few different flavors.

I decided to get blackberry this time around, and oh my word it was YUMMY.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the food is pretty delicious too.

After brunch we all headed back to our place and then headed off to the dog park!


These pups are seriously obsessed with each other. 

It was a pretty great Sunday if you ask me.

I’m pretty excited about getting to see and spend time 

with both of our families this weekend for Easter!

Sooooo on a different note.

I have gotten a few requests to do a “get ready with me” video.

Now, I’m not a makeup or hair professional. Hell, I can’t even apply eye shadow.

BUT, I will totally do this for y’all!! 

My every day “look” is pretty simple and most of my products are cheap!

So keep an eye out for a video soon, possibly even THIS week…

like…maybe even tomorrow if y’all are really lucky! ;] 

Happy Hump Day

xoxo, Monica