Halloween 2016

Halloween totally snuck up on me this year.

I guess all our friends are getting old too, cuz it kind of snuck up on all of us.

We kept it pretty low key this year.
Stayed in Friday, then grabbed some friends and went to Phobia Haunted Houses Saturday night.

 Y’all, I’m not cut out for anything scary — I can’t even watch scary movies.
I’m really surprised I didn’t pee myself or pass out during the walk through.

But even though it was scary, its was actually super super fun,
I screamed a lot, and laughed a lot, and even did some running –
so when you think about it, I kind of got myself a good work out in.
I’ll definitely be going back next year!

In other news, Charley was a ghost for halloween,
and she was NOT thrilled about it.

Pumpkin Painting Party

Guys, this weekend was so much fun!

After work Saturday Kyle and I headed to the Woodlands for a family night.

Kyle’s cousin, Krissa, had the genius idea of a family pumpkin painting party.

We had such a fun night, and if you follow me on snapchat (Monicaleeee) 

I’m sure you got to see my masterpiece!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of all of our finished pumpkins.

And by that, I mean I didn’t take any pictures of our finished pumpkins –

because mine was absolutely terrible — 

I had a goal, 

and that was to have a fuchsia leopard print pumpkin with some gold throughout…

Well, my pumpkin looked like it had a severe peanut allergy and was breaking out in hives so..

That’s that.

But it was still a great night with the fam.

Sunday was also an unplanned day full of pumpkins. 

Stay tuned cuz i’m kind of obsessed with the outfit I wore — mainly the shoes.

And I think some of you may need them.

Halloween 2015 Part II

Saturday night a group of us headed to the Houston Museum of Natural Science for their

annual Halloween Party!

If this wasn’t the greatest idea I’ve ever had.. then, HELL I don’t know what is…

Claire and I LOVED being Taco twins for the night!

Kyle has never been one for costumes but he was a good sport 

and represented ‘Merica pretty dang well.

Such a handsome little devil.

Not going to lie, It was slightly weird and crazy being in the middle of a museum partying…

Everyone LOVED mine and Claire’s costumes, these ‘best friend’ hats are definitely one of the 

best purchases i’ve ever made.

We met up with my sister and brother in law and a group of their friends, 

and I’m SO sad we didn’t get any pictures with them!

It was definitely hard keeping up with everyone and trying to stay together in such a huge place.

If you live in Houston I would HIGHLY recommend going next year, 

we had so much fun!!

What was your costume this year?!?! I could always use ideas 😉

Halloween 2015 Part I

This Halloween was definitely one for the books.

Kyle and I really haven’t done anything for Halloween since college
 so we were WAY overdue for a little fun.

We had plans for Saturday but my best friend Claire and I felt the urge to troll the town Friday night.
So…Vampires it was!

We had THE best night.

Claire is one of those friends where you can literally be sitting in a dumpster, starving, naked, in 20 degree weather and you will still be having the best time of your life.

She definitely makes this life of mine WAY brighter.

We headed to midtown and met up with Kyle’s cousin & his girlfriend for a little bit.

Then continued roaming the streets and being constantly asked if we were twins,

to which we of course replied with “duh, how’d ya know?!”

We get that question pretty regularly, and we kind of love it.
Friday was lots of fun, I’ll never get sick of girls nights no matter how old I get…
But SATURDAY is when the real party happened…

Check back tomorrow to see our best friend taco costumes y’all.