Fur + Plaid and A Little Help From My Friends.

Plaid Top: LuLus.com (this is an XS, and it’s HUGE)

Vest: ShopMCE.com

Tights: forever 21

Boots: LuLus.com

 Fur & Plaid are one of my favorite combos,

and this vest from my boutique was TOO cute to not keep one for myself.

It has 3 clasp closures and it is SO soft, I honestly can’t believe it is faux fur.

So I know I’ve been having all kinds of blog problems lately,

and I need some hellllpppppp from y’all.

I just realized that my “followers” section isn’t working.

Any ideas on how to fix this?! 

Is there some kind of blogger help center I can contact?

I’m going to start getting MORE serious in this little blog land of mine,
and start posting more regularly AND catch up on all of you lovely ladies blogs…
BUT I need to fix this problem first.
So I’m begging you, please, for the love of God…
Help a girl out.

Repeat Outfit and Blog Design HELP!

I definitely wore this exact outfit about a year ago on a date night with Kyle.

Except these jeans are new so I guess you can say I did a little outfit upgrade.

Tank: ShopMCE.com [similar]

Vest: UrbanOutfitters.com [similar]

Jeans: CottonOn.com [similar]

Booties: Zara

So I recently changed the template of my blog and have been super happy!

That is, until I realized all of my pictures on previous posts are squished/distorted.

I realized that I HAVE to choose the “original size” option when posting pictures,

and sometimes they look fine and sometimes they are MASSIVE and just way too much.

I really need one of you blog design geniuses to help me out! 

I want to be able to choose the size I want the picture to be and have it still appear clear and normal.

I haven’t changed my camera or done anything different so i’m thinking it must be the template I chose?

I’m also really bummed because now every single post i’ve done before I changed the template is 

basically ruined, the pictures are terrible.

Someone PLEASE help, or point me in the right direction to where I can get some help!

Like, I’m begging you…

xoxo, Monica