Thanksgiving 2015 Part I

Dress: ShopMCE

Boots: LuLus

Necklace: BaubleBar

The Holiday Season is of course one of my absolute favs.

Nothing like stuffing yourself with delicious food surrounded by all of your favorite people.

This Thanksgiving we headed over to my parents house around noon to spend the day with my family.

SO thankful for this beautiful, crazy family of mine.

Halloween 2015 Part I

This Halloween was definitely one for the books.

Kyle and I really haven’t done anything for Halloween since college
 so we were WAY overdue for a little fun.

We had plans for Saturday but my best friend Claire and I felt the urge to troll the town Friday night.
So…Vampires it was!

We had THE best night.

Claire is one of those friends where you can literally be sitting in a dumpster, starving, naked, in 20 degree weather and you will still be having the best time of your life.

She definitely makes this life of mine WAY brighter.

We headed to midtown and met up with Kyle’s cousin & his girlfriend for a little bit.

Then continued roaming the streets and being constantly asked if we were twins,

to which we of course replied with “duh, how’d ya know?!”

We get that question pretty regularly, and we kind of love it.
Friday was lots of fun, I’ll never get sick of girls nights no matter how old I get…
But SATURDAY is when the real party happened…

Check back tomorrow to see our best friend taco costumes y’all.

Last Minute Roadtrip

Sometimes you just gotta pack your things and GO somewhere.

Kyle and I, my brother in law and his girlfriend, 3 of Kyles cousins, and 2 of their friends

all packed up 2 cars and made a 19 hour road trip to Colorado last Tuesday evening!!

19 hours is a LONG time y’all.

But I’m SO glad we ended up going.

Here are a few pictures I got during the drive.

Y’all…I think I died driving through this. Seriously SO pretty.

After probably 20+ hours with all our stops 

we FINALLY made it to Crested Butte around noon Wednesday morning.

We couldn’t check in until 2 so we stopped to get some breakfast and waste some time.

These were the absolute best blueberry pancakes I’ve ever had in my life.

After breakfast we walked around to a few different shops in the town,

and then finally checked in a little after 2.

We were all desperate for a shower and a good nap, 

especially because it was NYE and we knew we would be going out that night.

I’ll be sharing more with y’all tomorrow!! 

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas break/NYE.

Happy Monday y’all.

xoxo, Monica

The Day after Christmas.

The Day after Christmas started as a lazy one. 

Top: Tobi

Scarf: ShopMCE

Jeans: CottonOn

Boots: Cavenders Boot City [Justin Brand]

After laying around for a few hours
 Me, Krissa, Michelle, and Skye all decided to take our pups to the dog park!

Could she be any cuter?

Of course the entire park was dry except for this one spot,

and she just HAD to stay there the entire time.

Once the dogs were finally worn out we all left to get ready and go to the movies! 

All of us were dying to go see “American Snyper” but it’s only playing in select theaters 🙁

Have any of you seen it?!

We ended up seeing The Gambler instead, andddd I wasn’t too impressed.

It was kind of slow for me. 

After the movie we all went out to a Bar/Grille to hang out with some other friends.

I think it’s safe to say “Christmas Break” was a successful one.

So sad it’s almost over…

I can’t wait to share our last minute ski trip with y’all!!
Never in my life have I been in weather this COLD.

Have a great day ladies!

xoxo, Monica

Christmas Day 2014

I realize it’s January 1st and that I should probably be doing a New Year post,

butttt sorry things are a little delayed over here so bare with me!

On Christmas Day Kyle and I headed back on over to his Moms.

We all ate breakfast then opened presents.

After that we headed on over to Nanas to celebrate with the rest of the family!

Kyle’s family has A LOT of boys, and they’re a llllllll about golfing.

So while the boys played golf us girls ate, played games and laughed until we cried.

Me, Kyles Sister Michelle, and Kyles cousin Krissa.

(both their moms and nana played with us as well!)

I’m in love with Kyles family, I don’t think i’ve ever been bored around them.
After the boys finished golfing we all ate dinner then opened presents.
THEN we opened white elephant gifts which is always a good time.

After that we all laid around watching their old family videos.
Gosssssshhhhh Kyle was CUTE.
Makes me excited for when I’ve got a little Kyle running around one day ;]

I totally meant to post this yesterday but I’ve had a CRAZY few days.
We decided to go on a Colorado Ski trip totally last minute,
So Tuesday from 6 until wednesday around noon I was in a car.
That’s 18 hours y’all…

Don’t worry I’ll fill y’all in either Friday or next week.
Hope everyones having a great week and had a safe and wonderful NYE!

xoxo, Monica