LAST day in Cabo!

Our last day was pretty great.

I was officially crusty brown and my skin was HURTING.

I had been lathering up on sunscreen all week but apparently it wasn’t doing any good.

We spent the day relaxing by the pool anyways! 

[I was mostly in the shade]

There was always a bunch of different games going on so while I was letting my skin 

heal in the shade it was fun watching Kyle play ping pong, water volleyball, water polo…

and basically every other water sport you can think of! 

After he was all done we decided to do a little sunset horseback riding!

Oh my gosh it was THE BEST!

I’m so glad we decided to do it.

Now I’m from the south and I’m all about horses but wow am I bad at riding them!

First off the stirrups were too long so my feet couldn’t reach…

And the saddle horn was MASSIVE, literally I was holding it like a steering wheel.

But hey we had so much fun, Kyle just made fun of me a lot! 

Seriously how beautiful is this?!



We had the best honeymoon ever.

The weather and scenery was unbelievably perfect,

and it was so relaxing, and fun and we met some of the greatest people!

We are already planning our next trip!

Obviously it won’t be for a while, but hey it’s something to look forward too!

Thanks for putting up with all of my annoying honeymoon pictures.

Now it’s back to the real world and time to be a wife!!!



Honeymoon in Cabo Part IV

So this is what EVERY meal I ate looked like,

plus guacamole and a few pina coladas…

Sorry I’m not sorry.

I was too busy enjoying myself the last 2 days to take a lot of pictures!

Sorry for my lack of photo taking skills ladies, I know I’m letting you down.

but hey, I was on my honeymoon!

We made some really great friends while we were there!

The majority of people that were at this resort were older than us and had children,

but we were perfectly fine with that, we aren’t your typical party hardy 24 year olds.

So on the second to last night we all went out to dinner together!

They were seriously the best, and so much fun.

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in my life!

Outfit Details


We had such a fun night!

I’m leaving out SO many amazing details from this trip,

 but hey, at least they are stored in my memory forever!

We were notttttttt ready for the next day to be our last one.


Honeymoon in Cabo- Part III

On the 3rd day we headed to a little Island called Lovers Beach.

We started out at the pool of course, we were at the pool by 8:30 every morning!

Geez we are old.

It was this island surrounded by beautiful rocks that we could see from our hotel.

So we headed over to the water taxis to get a ride!

Once we got there it was even more beautiful than we thought!

Here are a couple short videos I took while we were there!

As soon as we got there these ladies came over with iguanas

and basically threw them on us…I was terrified, but managed to take a picture looking calm.

There was this guy with the tiniest little bathing suit I’ve ever seen,

he was struttin’ around all over the island while his wife was taking pictures.

hahaha Kyle and I in 20 or so years!

Oh and the seagulls are HUGE and very intrusive…

We had the best day relaxing over there!!

That night we decided to explore downtown Cabo!




Belt: Kate Spade

We went to this great little mexican restaurant downtown and had the most 

delicious dinner and margaritas!

I’m so mad at myself for not taking pictures while we were downtown,

but I was too busy enjoying it!

After dinner we walked around and went into a few different shops,

It was one great night with my new husband!


Honeymoon Part II – Valentines Day

Talk about a BEAUTIFUL valentines day!

Kyle and I woke up and were at the pool/beach by 8:30 every morning!

We just were so happy and excited every morning & didn’t want to waste ANY time.

We had WAY too much fun that day, we made some friends and

drank a LITTLE too much…okay just me, I drank too much.

Sorry I’m not sorry.

Valentines Day Outfit:

Dress: Dainty Hooligan



We made reservations at one of the restaurants and it was pretty dang good!

It was nice to go on a REAL date with my new husband,

we had such a good night!!!


Honeymoon in Cabo Part I

We are officially back from our honeymoon, and geez was it sad to leave!

We stayed at Riu Palace in Cabo and it was INCREDIBLE.

We got there Thursday afternoon and the weather was just perfect.

This was the view from our room.

The scenery was so beautiful.

As soon as our room was ready we threw on our swimsuits and headed out to the beach!

The resort we stayed at was all inclusive!

Which means unlimited food and drinks all day EVERY day,

needless to say I managed to gain a few pounds on this trip. haha!

we ate lots of food, had lots of drinks and were in the sun all day the first day,

which means we definitely needed a good nap before dinner!

I’m not going to lie I was way too excited about getting to dress up at night!

Planning a wedding means limited date nights so I was SO ready!

Outfit Details


Wedges: Agaci


They had a buffet at night as well as 3 or 4 different restaurants.

Most of the restaurants you had to make reservations so we opted for the buffet the first night.

It was surprisingly delicious!

Afterwards we went to a Grease show, which was extremely entertaining to say the least!

The first night was definitely a good one,

Can’t wait to show y’all all of the other pictures!