My Birthday Babe

Yesterday was Kyle’s birthday!!

Can’t believe he’s 26, and that I’ll catch up to him in just a couple months.

I also can’t believe we met & fell in love when we were only 18  [basically babies] 

and our love for each other is stronger than ever now!

It’s always kind of a bummer when your birthday falls on a week day,

but Kyle has never really loved his birthday anyways.

He’s not the type to want a big party or do anything special.

Soooo we usually keep it pretty simple, which actually makes it really great for me!

[even though I love to spoil & surprise him]

I kept the gifts pretty simple since we booked an all inclusive vacation YESTERDAY!

whoop whoop!!! We are beyond pumped about it!!! 

But anyways, I made him his all time favorite dessert, Oreo Balls!

and I was so busy yesterday that I completely forgot

 to take a picture of them & his presents I laid out!

But they are beyond delicious and you can find the recipe HERE.

We enjoyed a night to ourselves and grabbed some chinese food,

then spent most of the evening searching for houses!

We’ve got to find one QUICK, so please be praying for us, cuz I know Kyle is stressed about it!

We have been looking for a cheaper house to buy and kind of fix up

and then hopefully sell it or rent it out in about 2 years when we’re ready to buy a house we really love!

But anywhooooo, tonight we’re going to dinner with Liz & John to do a little more celebrating!

Thanks for being the amazing man that you are and always keeping me laughing!!

Love you sweet cheeks.