The long drive home

Top: LuLus | Jacket: Pacsun [similar] | Leggings: ShopMCE | Booties: LuLus 

Last night we all celebrated Kyle’s cousin and one of my best friends birthdays!

It was awesome because it was a surprise dinner and she was totally 100% surprised, 

which rarely happens with this family!

We went to the Republican Grille in the Woodlands,

and of course, everything was absolutely delicious. 

We ended up heading home pretty late for a week night and were both trying HARD to stay awake.

You know how you always see those things on facebook, 

“ask your husband or kids these questions and share and re post and blah blah!”

I never do those, because nobody probably cares. 

BUT, we had a long drive, and I was interested to see Kyle’s answers..

So here we go! 

(Ladies, without prompting, ask your husband, boyfriend, or kids these questions and write down exactly what they say. The outcome can be hilarious)

Kyle’s Responses:

What makes me happy? 

“Besides me? Food.”

What makes me sad?

“Seeing animals get hurt” 

How tall am I?


What’s my favorite thing to do?

“Cuddle Charley”

What do I do when you’re not around?

“Who the (bleep) knows…NOT clean.” —-RUDE

If I become famous what will it be for?

“Ummm…singing…*busts out in hysterical laughter*”

What makes you proud of me?

“Well shit a lot! Being your own boss.”

What is your favorite food?

“How much time do I have??”

What is my favorite restaurant?


Where is my favorite place to visit?

“Mexico…or the hill Country?”

If I could go anywhere, where would it be?

“Bora Bora!…I was gonna say Greece but..Where would you rather go??”

Do you think you could live without me?

“Absolutely not”

How do I annoy you?

“Oh geez…I plead the 5th”

What is my favorite movie?

“I don’t know”

Who is my celebrity crush?

“Eric Decker”

You get a phone call that I’m in trouble, who am I with?

“Krissa…. “ (LOL)

Happy Hump Day, 

let me know if you ask your husband/boyfriend these questions!

Caught Up.

Today [Friday] I’m feeling regretful.

It’s so easy to get ridiculously caught up in life.

Caught up in work, social media, tv shows, bills, laundry, cleaning the house…

Kyle left this weekend to go to the Valley to play in a golf tournament.

Which left me here alone…thinking about us and our relationship and our life together.

and now I’m realizing how much I miss having him here by me…

But it’s not just that.

I miss sitting by each other and really BEING with each other.

Not looking at our phones with our minds in completely separate places…

Kyle used to travel for work pretty often so this isn’t the first weekend i’ve spent at the house alone,

but for some reason this time I really got to thinking…

Why don’t I put my phone away once Kyle gets home from work?

Why don’t I cherish these little moments we still have as kidless newlyweds?

Why don’t I unplug and really give him the attention and love that I want him to feel?

Maybe I needed this time alone to really realize that things need to change.

Kyle and I have been together since the very beginning of college.

We were 18…babies.

And we’ve been madly in love ever since.

Yes we are newlyweds,

 but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way since we’ve been together for SO long. 

It’s time for me as a wife to GET IT TOGETHER.

Time to work hard on my businesses during the day…

get the laundry and cleaning done during the day…

and be PRESENT when Kyle’s home.

I’m so lucky and grateful to have a husband like him 

and I can’t imagine doing life with anyone else.

Cheers to more real time, laughs & cuddles.

I’m off to go get things done so I can spoil my husband this evening!

xoxo, Monica


This weekend was full of junk food and netflix.

Kyle finally got back from Oklahoma Saturday morning and was absolutely exhausted.

I was tired too after a long week without him so we took full advantage of our big comfy couch.

But after a weekend full of being lazy we both needed a night out of the house!


Jeans: Hudson via Nordstrom




When Kyle goes out of town for a long time he knows he owes me a good date night.

We went to our favorite mexican restaurant by the house and I may have had 1 too many margaritas.

You know you picked the right one when you go to dinner with your husband,

and you laugh so hard your abs are sore the next morning.

We had a pretty fun date…

 sometimes life, friends, family, work, stress and

other things can make date nights a little less fun than normal.

But yesterday nothing could have brought us down.

We had some pretty great conversations, and cracked a lot of jokes.

I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

Unfortunately he denied me when I tried to take a typical car selfie with him,

ya win some ya lose some.

I love that kid wayyyyy too much. 

Oh and here’s a little transformation Tuesday for ya…

She’s soooo grown up!!!!!

My sweet little angel pup. 


Happy Tuesday!!

xoxo, Monica

Wifey Points and Charleys half birthday!!

[This was supposed to be posted yesterday, whoopsie!]

Yesterday was my sweet Charleys half birthday!

I can’t believe she is already 6 months old.

I seriously can’t believe I grew up without dogs.

I love her more than I ever thought I could, and I can’t imagine my life without her!

Thank God for pups.

We decided to take her to the dog park when Kyle got home from work

as a little birthday gift.

This is afterwards, which is why her face is so dirty.

There were SO many people/dogs there!

I’ve gotta start taking her more often,

She was the youngest by far and it was so funny to see how clumsy and slow

she was compared to the full grown dogs.

She had the time of her life and has been taking LOTS of naps today.

<3 <3 <3

So I mentioned “Wifey Points” in the title.

Well I found this “healthy” recipe on pinterest that I’ve been dying to make!

It’s from and it’s called

Eggplant Rollatini

and it looks like this…YUM right?!

[Click the picture for the full recipe]

I decided to make zucchini fries for a side dish because we both

LOVE zucchini.

This recipe is from

[Click the picture for the full recipe]

I should’ve taken pictures while we were in the process of cooking,

but I didn’t.

But this is how MY eggplant rollatini turned out!

I may or may not have added A LOT of extra cheese…

And dinner is served…

I was nervous Kyle wasn’t going to like it because there’s no meat in it.

Just spinach and cheese!

Well he took his first bite and says “it’s pretty good!”

Which as we all know can mean a lot of things…like… 

“please never cook this again”, “am I going to have to eat all of this?”, “Lord help me”

or it may actually mean that it’s good!

Well lucky me, as he kept eating I kept hearing things like,

“Wow this is actually REALLY good!!”

So GO me!!

The one mistake we did make with the zucchini fries was cutting them too thick,

they were good but some weren’t quite as crispy!

So make sure you cut them nice and thin for more crispiness ;]

Let me know if you try out this recipe!

Who would’ve though that eggplant was so delicious?!


Have a great weekend ladies.

xoxo, Monica