Kayla Itsines BBG review – Week 4.

Hey guys!

So I realized I haven’t really updated y’all on my progress and thoughts of the BBG I purchased.

First of all, I REALLY love it.

I’m on week 4 and I’ve pretty much been able to do every work out at home

(I already had dumbbells, and I went ahead a purchased a weight bench)

Which is a HUGE plus for me.

I love that the work outs are only 30 minutes long, 

and I LOVE that afterwards I feel like I got in an amazing work out even though it was so short.

There hasn’t been a single day since i’ve started where at least 1 body part isn’t sore. 

I purchased the Bikini Body Bundle where it also came with a meal plan.

I’m somewhat regretting that, NOT because it isn’t amazing, but because I know myself 

and I’ve never been one to really stick with a strict meal plan.

However, if I was living by myself I would definitely be sticking with the meal plan.

But having a husband that likes junk food and to go out to eat it makes it REALLY hard.

(because of course I love those things too)

As for the progress, I can totally tell my body is changing.

BUT I haven’t been eating like I’m supposed too, so my progress isn’t anything where it should be.

My legs and butt are definitely getting more toned and growing,

but I’ve also been adding in extra leg & butt work outs since I’m really trying to grow that area.

These work outs may not be for everyone but I happen to really love them.

Was it worth the $120? For me, yes.

I can say that since I started I have STUCK with it and worked out every single day 

of the week except Sunday, and before I started I would drag myself to the gym maybe

2-3 days a week.

So that’s a HUGE deal for me, the fact that I really enjoy these work outs.

I’m also working body parts that I never would’ve done myself at the gym.

I will definitely keep y’all posted about my thoughts and progress

throughout the 12 weeks.

Hope this helps anyone who has gone back and forth about purchasing!!

xoxo, Monica