Meeting the Boss Man.

Blouse: [old]


Jeans: Paige Denim via Nordstrom


Monday night Kyle brought me to one of my VERY first “family work events”
I’m not going to lie I was a little nervous to meet his boss, why you ask?! No clue.
I’m always nervous.

Another company invited Kyle’s boss (& family) and Kyle (& family) to an astros game!
So Kyle and his boss were the only ones from Kyle’s company,
everyone else was from the company hosting it.
I think I get nervous because I still feel like I’m 18…
And I don’t work in the business world…I work in the fashion world…
Which is SO completely different than the business world.

I told myself not to worry, I’m sure I’m going to be the “cool wife” that owns a business…
First wife I meet… “Hi! I’m a foot & ankle surgeon”

Needless to say I had the nervous sweats for the first hour…
But after that it was pretty fun!
I realized that everyone was super normal and cool,
even the surgeon wife that intimidated the crap out of me.
I had about 4 plates of nachos, and 2 jack & cokes and I was feeling like myself in no time!

We stayed for a few hours and talked and talked and talked…
and I ate…A LOT.
We finally left close to 10pm and Kyle said he was really proud of me.
Haha! He knows I get nervous in those situations.

I’m so glad I got to meet his boss though!
It was nice to finally put a face to a name and his wife and kids are just too adorable.

Maybe one day I’ll introduce Kyle to my boss….
Just kidding, that’s me. I’m the boss.
Thank God, I do NOT miss having someone tell me what to do.

Happy Hump Day y’all!!!
I think I’ll do a butt work out in honor of hump day.

I can finally walk after 3 days of misery,
it does feel good to have sore muscles though!

xoxo, Monica

Friends, sun, and water.

Well, I’m a terrible blogger.

I’m about 2 weeks late on sharing this but whatever.

Some of our good friends came to visit a couple weekends ago, 

and we had the best time ever!

They brought their dog, Bailey, and of course their daughter, Avery.

[Whom we adore and want to keep.]

It was so great because Charley and Bailey are the best of friends.

They were side by side the entire weekend.

Could they be any cuter?!

And I think Avery formed a little crush on Kyle, 

gosh it was the sweetest thing to watch them interact,

Ummmm talk about baby fever, that weekend just made it 10x worse!

Avery recently turned 2, and she is SO well behaved!

She is unbelievably precious and she is about to have a little brother at the end of September!!

We decided to head to the beach the last day they were here and it was a blast.

This was the first time I’ve been a “real” hostess in our home!
It was actually not too stressful, not stressful at all really!

Obviously, I stressed about cooking for other people but it wasn’t bad at all!
We may or may not have had take out chinese 2 days in a row….
[Your judgments aren’t welcome here] I did cook at least 1 meal [if not more] each day though,
which is a big deal for this girl.

I will get better at cooking one day…well it’s not really that I need to get better,
I just need to be more confident about cooking!
Anyone have some fabulous cooking tips?!
I could use all the help I can get in that area!

<3 <3 <3

BEST surprise of my life.

I have been BEGGING Kyle for a golden retriever for the longest time.

He always told me that I needed to wait unit we have our own house

[we’re renting right now]

and he would always tell me that it’s going to be a year or so,

and to stop getting my hopes up.

I had pretty much given up on asking him and then I walk into our home

yesterday and see the most precious fluffy baby sitting in our living room.

Immediately couldn’t breathe and the tears started coming!

Her name is Charley and she is 7 1/2 weeks old,

and I love her more than anythingggggg!

(except my husband of course)

I can’t believe I have a babyyyy!!

I’m a real mom now!!!….well kind of.

You’ll be seeing a lot more of this precious pup around here!

<3 <3 <3 <3

So so so so happy!!

Bachelorette Weekend!

This past weekend was my bachelorette party, and it was WAY too much fun!

We actually ended up combining the 2 parties.

The boys headed to Austin Friday night and did all of their boy stuff,

and then a few of us girls had dinner/drinks Friday then we all left to head to Austin Saturday morning!

Friday nights outfit!


Jeans: Paige Denim via Nordstrom

Heels: Forever21

Headed to Austin!

As soon as we got there we met up with the other girls

and went to this cute little bar that had $1 mimosas!

Thank God, the bartender was the BEST ever, so sweet and so funny!

So of course we had to get a few pics with him.

 Best bartender ever!

After that we did a little bar hopping and walking around Austin,

Which is ALWAYS interesting.

While we were walking these guys yelled at us to stop into this bar so they could buy us shots.

Never in my life have I been more uncomfortable…

When we were walking up they were literally looking at me like I was a piece of meat.

They were weirdly obsessed with my legs and made it VERY known.

No joke y’all…

“How much do I have to pay to come shave your legs the day of your wedding?”

“Damn, do you wrap those around your man?”

Me:”we like girly shots!” creeps: “oh baby, I’ll make you feel girly”

Woaaaahhhhh nelly, Slow your roll!

We got our free drinks and got outta there REAL fast.

We were still walking around and also waiting for 2 of my other girlfriends to show up.

We were dying to go to this bar where you can ride the bull but it was too far to walk.

We had been searching for a cab when all of the sudden my 2 girlfriends are honking like crazy

and driving right by us!

Talkkkkkk about perfect timing!

So we all hopped in and drove over to the bar with the bull!

They were all forcing me to ride the bull but I didn’t want to cuz I knew

my bare ass would be out for everyone to see since I was wearing a dress!

Luckily we got there and there was literally NOONE there…like no one…

then after 5 minutes of being there we literally brought in tons and tons of guys,

no clue how…I guess they just saw us when they were walking by and came in!

One guy was actually a bachelor himself so everyone made us ride the bull together,

which was good because then my dress was less likely to fly up!

He was very sweet and such a gentlemen, 

trying not to be creepy or too touchy is always a good thing.

After lots of drinks and lots of fun we finally headed back to the hotel!

They threw me a little lingerie shower and then we got ready to meet up with the boys!

We all headed out to a little taco place called Torchies, 

and then went to Midnight Rodeo to see Casey Donahue perform!

It was seriously SUCH a fun night…

Here’s a little video for proof.

Can’t believe i’ll be a bride in 5 days!

Bridal Shower Day!

This Saturday I had my bridal shower, and it was PERFECT!


Belt: Kate Spade

Heels: Forever21

Here are the amazing hostesses who made this shower happen!

and a few of the adorable decorations…

and A LOT of amazing people…

My mamaw, myself and Kyle’s nana!

Mom, Mamaw, Me, Nana, Mindy (Kyle’s nana and mom)

My side of the family!

Claire, one of the sweetest girls I know, seriously love her to death!

Kyle’s cousin Krissa, myself and Rachel!

Rachel is doing the flowers for the wedding!

Brandy and I!

Me and the girls on Kyle’s side!

(minus his sister who was at school)

Me and my mom and mom to be!

Love these girls, been best friends for a LONG time!

a few of my beautiful bridesmaids!

(I have 7 total)

sissy and mom!

I’m not going to lie I was SO nervous about this day…

I know that sounds so weird and silly but I DO NOT like to be the center of attention.

It makes me anxious and sweaty and awkward and turn red and I just don’t like it.

(so naturally I’m going to be a disaster on my wedding day)

But it actually went perfectly!

Of course there are always awkward moments but over all it was so much fun, 

and I loved seeing everyone and getting a bunch of gifts was definitely a plus!

We played this game where they asked Kyle a bunch of questions previously 

and I had to guess his answers!

That brought a WHOLE lot of laughter to the room, and made me miss Kyle a lot.

Afterwards I opened presents and then after that all of the photos started taking place!

Once it started to fizzle down all of my girlfriends wanted to go see Kyle and I’s new place

since it was in the same neighborhood as the shower!

As soon as we got there I looked in the mirror and holy cow can you say HOT MESS?!

Sweating, and talking, and laughing, and crying makes a girl look ROUGH….

Which makes me REALLY nervous about the wedding…

but obviously I’ll be wearing more “emotion proof” make up haha, at least I hope so.

I’ve GOT to start doing trial runs with my hair and make up.

There’s seriously SO much to do y’all.

Like I feel like my mom and I make 100 things and as soon as we want to relax

we have to make 200 more of something else.

Phewwwwww, it’s all worth it though, and it’s fun!

I need to share pictures with y’all of things we’ve already made! 

Eep can’t wait to show y’all THE REAL WEDDING!

Of course it needs to happen first…

27 DAYS!!!