Celebrating 1 Year of Marriage.

Dress: LuLus

Bag: Forever21

Heels: LuLus 

[not the most comfortable, but unbelievably fabulous]

Necklace: LuLus

Since our anniversary fell on a Monday we decided to celebrate on Sunday.
Kyle took me to a Brazilian Steak house, where they serve you unlimited amounts of different meat.
[Holy cow y’all, talk about a food coma.]

Since we’re poor newlyweds we kind of just both silently agreed that we wouldn’t
really do any gifts.
After I finished getting ready I was shamelessly taking a snapchat selfie
when Kyle walked up behind me and said
“So, I did end up getting you a little something…”
I turn around and he’s holding a little box with this stunning diamond necklace in it.
“1 diamond for 1 year of marriage” he said.
I totally cried.

So after hugging him 100 times we finally left to head to the restaurant. 

It was so nice! Neither of us have ever been to a place like this,

so it was cool to experience it together.

They had a huge salad bar that included all kinds of different veggies.

This is what my first plate looked like.

and then we had about 5 plates full of different meats…

I mean, I love my meat..but woah…it was A LOT…
like they just keep bringing out more and more meat the whole time,
the shrimp [not pictured] and the steak were definitely both of our favorites.
Oh and there were also 3 different sides….

Pretty positive I left at least 5 pounds heavier.
But it was absolutely perfect, I am one lucky girl!

Cannot wait to see what this next year has in store for us!

xoxo, Monica