NYE 2015

NYE started out at my best friend Claire’s house, per usual.

I REALLY need to learn how to do my own eye makeup y’all,

the struggle is SO real…

like someone please teach me how to apply eyeshadow and false lashes.


 we all got ready and had a few drinks before heading to our destination for the evening,

The JW Marriott Downtown.

It was definitely an interesting and eventful night.

Overall we all had an awesome time. 

Can’t imagine ringing in the new year with anyone else. 

Brunchin’ Again.

Kyle and I LOVE to do brunch, 

there are so many little places downtown that have amazing brunch 

and we love trying out new restaurants. 

Last Sunday we met up with Bryan & Skye for brunch and mimosas!

[my brother in law and his girlfriend]

We went to a place called Royal Oak Bar & Grill,

I had been there once with my girlfriends and all I remember was there amazing mimosas!

They come in pitchers and they have a few different flavors.

I decided to get blackberry this time around, and oh my word it was YUMMY.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the food is pretty delicious too.

After brunch we all headed back to our place and then headed off to the dog park!


These pups are seriously obsessed with each other. 

It was a pretty great Sunday if you ask me.

I’m pretty excited about getting to see and spend time 

with both of our families this weekend for Easter!

Sooooo on a different note.

I have gotten a few requests to do a “get ready with me” video.

Now, I’m not a makeup or hair professional. Hell, I can’t even apply eye shadow.

BUT, I will totally do this for y’all!! 

My every day “look” is pretty simple and most of my products are cheap!

So keep an eye out for a video soon, possibly even THIS week…

like…maybe even tomorrow if y’all are really lucky! ;] 

Happy Hump Day

xoxo, Monica

Celebrating Mom & Lipstick Reviews.

On Saturday we headed over to my parents to celebrate my moms birthday.

Before I get started i’m in DESPERATE need of a great matte red lipstick,

anyone have any suggestions?!

I’m not a big fan of shiny/gloss so I definitely want a matte, and one that actually STAYS on!


Now back to todays post…

Top: ShopMCE

Skirt: Tobi [it has pockets!!!]

Scarf: Forever21

Boots: LuLus

I’m BEYOND thankful that Kyle and I both have awesome families.

Of course there are always some crazies mixed in with the extended members,

but we both have been SO blessed with pretty amazing immediate families that we LOVE spending time with.

What better way to get the day started than with a family selfie?!

haha my sister got herself a “selfie stick” and gosh they are so much fun!!

A little embarrassing sure…but so fun! 

Kyle and Jonathan KNOW that there will always be some

sort of photo shoot when we all get together.

And although they CANT stand photos they are pretty good sports about it.

Actually, theres always a lot of complaining, but Tara and I always seem to get the job done.

Once my mamaw got to the house we all piled up [in 2 cars] and headed to Jimmy Changas!

A super yummy mexican restaurant that has THE best queso ever.

Y’all…I have been SO good on eating healthier lately..

but I totally caved. I can’t even lie to y’all because I caved BAD.

so.much.queso. was eaten.

But hey, I never said I was taking it completely out of my diet…

Oh well, It was thoroughly enjoyed.

After our late lunch we headed back to the house for some dessert and chill time.
Then we all decided to go see American Sniper.
WOW talk about an incredible movie, it’s also extremely heartbreaking…
But I would still definitely suggest it to anyone.
Major props to all of you wives/families of soldiers,
I honestly can’t even imagine what you go through on a day to day basis.
I’ll definitely be keeping all of our soldiers and their families in my prayers more regularly.

Happy Monday and Happy MLK Day!
[weird those are also my initials]

xoxo, Monica

Let’s Talk Makeup Reviews.

Y’all….I had a quarter life crisis last week.

So, lately I haven’t been feelin’ too hot. 

And I mean that literally…

well not like temperature wise but physical appearance wise.

I have been struggling so hard with my face/skin.

I wash my face every morning with Cetaphil, moisturize, then apply makeup.

(the makeup part doesn’t exactly happen every day but you get the point)

Every time I put on my makeup my face would get SO oily! Like literally 15 minutes later.

It was not cute, I constantly felt gross and that my skin was dirty.

I would put on my makeup and get in the car and look in the mirror, 

and the girl looking back at me looked SO much older than 25…

I honestly was so confused, I did NOT feel like I looked that old without makeup,

but once I would get all ready I felt like every semi-wrinkle or line was like exaggerated.

It seriously NEVER crossed my mind that it could be the makeup I’m using.

I started using bare minerals a few years ago and I LOVED it at the beginning,

I’m not sure what has changed to make it start looking different but something definitely has.

And I am not so in love with it anymore.

My girlfriend Jenn introduced me to this fabulous website MakeupAlley.com

Millions of girls get on there and review all different kinds of makeup.

So I randomly decided to get on there and search the EXACT bare minerals products I have been using.

holy crap.

There were TONS of girls on there saying how bare minerals is a great make up BUT 

it made their skin super oily and they had to blot regularly.

(Aint nobody got time for that!)

AND…Even more girls were saying how it made them look older!

That the makeup actually brought out their fine lines/wrinkles/flaws.

[btw I’ve been using the Matte Powder Foundation, & yes I’ve also tried original]

How did I never think of this before?!

I can’t believe my makeup was making me look WORSE.

Y’all I have been freaking out!  

I genuinely thought that I was aging prematurely.

Needless to say I washed my face and stopped using it immediately after reading those reviews.

Please don’t think i’m bashing bare minerals, 

they have excellent products but my skin just does NOT like them.

So I’m hoping by sharing this that I’m preventing some of you from a quarter life crisis.

I ended up ordering MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish Powder and I’m really excited to use it.

Does anyone use that as their foundation?!

I’m not really a big makeup person and that’s what initially drew me toward bare minerals,

the make up was very natural looking and I LOVED that.

I’m just now on a mission to find an excellent powder foundation that has good coverage,

looks natural, and does not make me a grease monkey within 15 minutes.

Have any of you encountered the same problem?!

Wellp, today I’m making my very first pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Fingers crossed it’s actually edible!

xoxo, Monica

Red Lips and Camo for the win.

Dress: LuLus.com

Camo Button Up: Forever 21 (old)

Wedges: LuLus.com

So, I titled this “Red Lips & Camo for the win”, 

even though I immediately wiped the red lipstick off after these pics were taken.

I always see girls rocking red lipstick and looking adorable.

I’m super jealous of those girls that can wear it and still look pretty casual.

I, on the other hand…felt like a complete clown.

I honestly couldn’t decide if I was going to re-take these pictures or not,

but of course I was too lazy and somewhat in a hurry so I opted out.

One of my best friends (Maggie) recently moved back to Houston so we decided to have 

a girls night/happy hour/catch up session at one of our favorite restaurants! 

Liz, Maggie and I met at Cyclone Anaya’s in midtown and talked a whole lot,

and laughed until we cried. 

Girls nights are everything.

Date nights with Kyle, and double dates are pretty awesome too.

But girls nights always leave me feeling really happy, 

maybe it’s just the margaritas…

But I sure am thankful for my girlfriends!

Happy Hump Day!!

I think I’ll do some squats today in order to work off 

all the cheese I’ve devoured these past few days!

Speaking of squats I’m going to start posting more about my personal

“fitness and nutrition” routines so be on the look out!! 

xoxo, Monica