Cabo Wabo 2015 Day 1

Not sure if any of you follow me on instagram but I was MIA last week for a VERY good reason.


A bunch of us hopped on a plane last Tuesday for a much needed vacation.

Kyle and I went to Cabo for our honeymoon and we just couldn’t wait to go back,

but this time we brought our friends/family with us!

We get there around 2 on Tuesday and didnt waste any time throwing on our swimsuits 

and heading to the pool.

The scenery in Cabo is unbelievable. I think all of us said “is this real life?” multiple times a day.

The weather was perfect and each day was spent soaking up the sun…

Stay tuned for pictures of the rest of the trip!!

Girls Trip to Mexico!

Last Thursday me and 3 girlfriends jumped on a cruise and headed to Mexico!
Liz’s boyfriend was oh so kind and drove us there so we didnt have to pay for parking.

By him driving we were also able to get the party started early!

We got there and of course had to go through lines as usual.
And well, It was a tad bit different than we expected…
I’ve been on about 4-5 cruises, and 2 of my other girlfriends have been on at least 2.
While we were in the lines we noticed that there was NO ONE our age,
and there were a TON of kids…like SO many y’all.
But anyways, we weren’t going to let that get us down!
Usually as soon as you get on the ship they’re playing fun party music and all the staff
are dancing around trying to get everyone excited and ready to have fun!

Well, there was a guitar player, playing the most mellow music you’ve ever heard.
But it was fine,
we were all tired and we figured maybe they’re just doing that because it’s the first day.

We each got ourselves a drink and wondered around the boat.
Then headed back to our room to unpack all of our luggage.

How big and glamorous does our room look?!

haha! It really wasn’t that bad, we were barely ever in there.

I’m not going to lie, the first night was a little rough.

I think we were all a little disappointed with the music/atmosphere.

Apparently there was a junior high cheerleading competition taking place on the boat.

So there were TONS and tons of kids that age with their families and all of their little siblings.

And then we found out that the DJs literally weren’t allowed to play a lot of music because it was such a family boat.

So we went to bed early and told ourselves we were going to make the best of it, 

and we did!

The trip ended up being a blast!! 

and the weather was so beautiful, so here is our trip in pictures!


It was definitely a successful and fun girls trip!

We made lots of new friends and had the best time.

I’m already dying to go on another vacation, but this time with Kyle!

Oh and I NEED to get back in the gym, I gained 7 lbs on the cruise.

Whoopsie, at least I know I really enjoyed myself haha.

Happy Hump Day!

This dress though, y’all.


This dress is one of my absolute favorites. 

I love how the straps tie at the shoulders. 

And the deep V front AND back are perfection.

The pattern also makes it a great transition piece for Fall!

Could this flower crown be any cuter?

Guess where I bought it?!


Ha! Havent shopped there since I was in high school.

I ordered mine online, You can get yourself one here

Boys are weird. My mom always warned me about that.

Today I’m sharing our Cozumel experience!

I didnt take many pictures because it rained the entire day, 

which we were all super bummed about.

BUT, we went paddle boarding/snorkeling and it was SO much fun.

That was my first time paddle boarding and now I kind of want to do it every weekend.

Here we are just being romantical.

After our little adventures we decided to eat at the place instead of heading back to the boat!

Thank God we did because LOOK how freaking good these nachos look.

They were amazing…like so amazing.

We all ate and drank our little hearts out then headed back towards the boat.

The whole gang!

We had SUCH a fun trip, 

Kyle and I are already planning our next vacation.

We just have to get the funds first…haha

Tonight is our very first kickball game!

I think we are going to happy hour before the game so that should

definitely make things interesting!

Happy Thursday y’all!

xoxo, Monica

Fancy Schmancy.

For fancy night on the cruise I decided to wear this little yellow number from LuLus!

The necklace is from Pree Brûlée (really old) and it’s kind of perfect.

(most awkward tan line ever)

Buy this Dress !

 I’m really wishing we were back on the ship…

Of course I love being home but I LOVED dressing up every night 

and soaking up the sun with no cares during the day.

Could that top be any more adorable?!

Both top and bottoms are from Victorias Secret.

The bottoms are super old, and they don’t have the top available in blue anymore,

but you can purchase it in this precious leopard print here .

So obviously I still have more pictures to share from the cruise,
but on another topic….
Kyle and I joined a kickball league!
Haha, our first game is Thursday and I’m really hoping and praying I don’t embarrass myself.
I mean I played sports in high school…and I like to think I’m pretty athletic.
Buttttttt It’s been a while since I’ve played kickball…
Fingers crossed I don’t break an ankle.

xoxo, Monica

Cruisin’ the Gulf.

Things have been quiet over here, 

and that’s because this girl went on a much needed CRUISE to Mexico!

We got on the ship about 2pm on Monday and I didnt waste any time putting on my bikini.

I knew that it would probably rain the majority of the cruise so I took advantage of 

all of the sunshine I could get!

Top: Windsor Store (similar)

Maxi Skirt:

It was my parents, my sister and brother in law, and Kyle and I that went!

We’ve been going on a “family vacation” the past few years now,

last year we went on this same exact cruise and had so much fun that we booked it again!

It was a 5 day cruise that goes to Progresso and Cozumel, 

I know Progresso isn’t known for being the greatest place but hey it’s still a vacation!!

Getting off the boat to head to an all inclusive beach in Progresso!

I was much happier on the way back…thanks to unlimited chips and drinks.

I’ll be sharing more of our cruise tomorrow!! 

Happy Monday y’all!

xoxo, Monica