A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.

This picture means so many things to me…

Of course it means a lot to me because my sweet little family is in it…

But that’s not all. 

NEVER in my life, 

EVER have I wore a bikini and posed for a picture standing straight forward.

I have always tried to morph my body and

 turn it all different angles to make myself look thinner for photos.

I have never been overweight but I have never LOVED my body.

I’ve always been self conscious and even if I have “looked good” in a bikini previously,

 I wasn’t going about it the right way and I definitely wasn’t healthy.

I have NEVER been this healthy and happy in my life and for me, looking at that photo,

I see my body changing, and I am beyond THRILLED.

I feel confident in my own skin, I don’t feel skinny fat anymore.

I feel strong and I feel proud of my body which is really crazy to me.

Okay, I’m going to be REALLY honest now…

I became a BeachBody Coach at the beginning of May.

I was totally hesitant and embarrassed…

SO many times in my life have I been ridiculously annoyed and angry at all of the people

I see on social media talking about programs, and shakes and wraps and what have you…

I would see a post and roll my eyes, and immediately look down on them.

After hating my body and gaining a few pounds after getting married,

I watched one of my girlfriends change her body and her life with this “stupid program”,

I watched for months, and then finally I said EFF IT and dove right in.

I became a coach the same day I bought the program.

Not thinking it would really go anywhere…or even work.

Because let me tell you… i’ve tried multiple programs…

Advocare, Tone It Up, Kayla Itsines, Herbal Life to name a few.


[excuse my french]

1 month later and I’m being recognized by the CEO of beach body

for the GREAT work I did as a coach in my first month.

I HATE calling this a “program” because when I think of programs I think of quick fixes,

and that’s the complete opposite of what this is.

in 21 days I taught myself to eat healthier, and eat MORE, to work out every day, and to really nourish my body with everything it needs.

This “program” was so simple and I was totally in shock the whole 21 days.

I went from this skinny fat self conscious girl…to a proud, strong, woman in 21 days.

To break it down for you…

I paid $140 and I received DVD’s with 30 minute work outs (that can be done at home & will kill you), a meal replacement shake (that will change your life forever) and a meal guide to help you every step of the way!

[I’m currently repeating the 21 days and will go on to do a tougher program.]

BUT that’s not all…

I wasn’t thrown to the wolves and told “good luck” after I ordered.

I became a part of a team. I had people keeping me accountable and encouraging me 


That changed EVERYthing for me.

Being a part of a support group where people are doing the same thing as me,

and striving towards the same goals.

I can’t even begin to explain how much love and respect I have for this company.

It’s NOT a diet, it’s real food, real people, getting REAL results.

It’s YOU putting in the effort, 

it’s not some crazy diet pill that’s taking the weight off while also slowly killing you.

I will probably drink the shake for the rest of my life.

It has done crazy awesome things for my body,

It’s helped tremendously with my bloating and regularity.

I now NEVER have an excuse to not get a work out in,

because a 30 minute work out is 2% of my day…and I can do them AT HOME.

I could honestly go on and on…but I wont for your sake.

BUT if you would like to know more you can email me.


I have never been this passionate about something EVER.

I am unbelievably grateful I took a risk. 

My life will honestly NEVER be the same and I couldn’t be any happier. 

xoxo, Monica