Yoga in the park.

This week was spring break, therefore I didnt have to babysit.

Which meant I had to get anything and everything else done while I had the extra time on my hands!

So, I decided to officially change my name! 

(only took me a year and a month to get started y’all)

I have been absolutely dreading it, I know it’s a long annoying process, 

but we are going on vacation in July and I couldn’t stand to go by Jones anymore! 

So, on Monday I drove to the social security office to get it done!

Took about 2 hours standing in line [outside] in the GHETTO.

After a little over 2 hours I was finally done, then headed to the DPS.

Y’all….another 2 hours standing in line….

My body was aching like crazy from just standing in the same position for so long.

But thank God I got those 2 parts OVER with. 

Still got a little more to do, but I’m determined to get it all done this week!

I still need to change my name on my passport, credit cards etc. 

Anyone know how to do that for credit cards?!

Anyways…I feel like every week lately has been a LONG one.

But hey I’m healthy and happy and there really isn’t anything for me to complain about!

Tuesday evening my girlfriend Liz asked me if I wanted to go to yoga in the park with her.

I couldn’t think of anything better I could do.

I have been desperately trying to stretch more and get more flexible, 

and I needed to de-stress!

Liz and I have been to a few yoga classes together…and to be frank, we are terrible.

We pretty much just laughed and took snapchats the entire time.

Which was probably a way better stress reliever than the actual yoga.

Afterwards we met up with Kyle for some margaritas and mexican food…

Which pretty much ruined all of the effort we actually put into exercising that day. 

But hey, yolo. 

xoxo, Monica