Successful Ladies Night

Thursday night was much needed.

It had been a while since I’ve been out with just my girls!

Sweater: ShopMCE [sold out] (similar)

Jeans: Cotton On (similar)

Booties: Zara  (cute option) 

Bag: LuLus

We started at a little spanish restaurant downtown called Mi Lunas

Had the best girl talk and shared a couple [pitchers] of margaritas.

After that we decided to go to Pete’s Piano Bar!

Which was the best decision we could’ve made.

There was barely anyone there but omg y’all…it was SO much fun.

I may or may not have been in a dance competition.

And taken wayyyyy too many [tipsy] snapchat videos and posted them to my story [embarrassing]

You can follow me on snapchat here: MonicaLeeee

Unfortunately this blurry photo is the only one we managed to get of all of us.

but goodness that night was a good one!

I can’t believe it’s Monday already,
I feel like I’m always saying this…but this weekend FLEW by.

I officially start my nannying/dog walking job today!
Wish me luckkk!
Hopefully both the dog and little boy are angels! haha

Happy Monday y’all!
Who’s watching The Bachelor tonight?!?!? weeeee I AM!!

xoxo, Monica

New Beginnings.

First things first.


We’re going over there tomorrow to celebrate, 

so you’ll hear all about her birthday on Monday!

Top: Windsor Store

Jacket: Tillys

Jeans: Kohls

Booties: LuLus

Necklace: ShopMCE

Bag: Ross

So I have officially decided to become a…

Part Time BabySitter!!!!

Since Kyle and I are wanting to buy a house in the near future,

I figured I might as well find a way to bring in a little extra cash!

And what’s better than having TWO jobs that I love?!

It’s just a part time job because that’s definitely all I have time for.

And the family lives pretty close to us which is a HUGE plus.

Basically, I’ll be picking the little boy up from the bus stop and 

helping him get his homework done and then we can do fun stuff until the parents get home!

My first day is the 26th and i’m pretty excited about it!

Oh and by the way I HIGHLY suggest

I received a TON of messages from families needing childcare within hours.

So if babysitting/nannying is your thing and you aren’t on there, DO IT NOW.

This week FLEW by.

Which I’m definitely not complaining about, I’m so ready for the weekend.

Who’s got exciting plans this weekend?!

xoxo, Monica