Another day of pumpkins

Sunday was actually a pretty random day for us.

We had originally planned on going out on the boat – 

but ended up meeting up with some friends to watch football instead!

We went to Luke’s Icehouse and watched the Saints game with 2 other couples.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous so we sat outside 

and got to enjoy the cool air while we watched the game!

After eating a ridiculous amount of fried foods we decided to change up the scenery!

We headed to a little place called Kung Fu and kept the party going.

After a few drinks the girls ended up convincing the boys to take us to 

[what we thought would be] a pumpkin patch farm,

Well – let’s just say it definitely was NOT a pumpkin patch farm lol

But we still managed to snap a few cute pics with pumpkins!

Although there were a few mishaps – it was a great day.

Love these friends of ours!! 

Pumpkin Painting Party

Guys, this weekend was so much fun!

After work Saturday Kyle and I headed to the Woodlands for a family night.

Kyle’s cousin, Krissa, had the genius idea of a family pumpkin painting party.

We had such a fun night, and if you follow me on snapchat (Monicaleeee) 

I’m sure you got to see my masterpiece!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of all of our finished pumpkins.

And by that, I mean I didn’t take any pictures of our finished pumpkins –

because mine was absolutely terrible — 

I had a goal, 

and that was to have a fuchsia leopard print pumpkin with some gold throughout…

Well, my pumpkin looked like it had a severe peanut allergy and was breaking out in hives so..

That’s that.

But it was still a great night with the fam.

Sunday was also an unplanned day full of pumpkins. 

Stay tuned cuz i’m kind of obsessed with the outfit I wore — mainly the shoes.

And I think some of you may need them.