Friday Favorites – Best clothing stores to shop for baby

Whether you’re having your first or your 8th, shopping for a new baby is always the best freaking thing ever.
My little boy is due March 4th and I think my absolute favorite things during this pregnancy have been shopping/buying him little outfits and decorating his nursery.
Let me tell ya though, It can be hard finding unique/cute clothes that aren’t ridiculously over priced.
With a new addition coming into the family, that also means new expenses…
which means, nobodyyyyy wants to spend $60 on a shirt that baby will grow out of in a week.
Today’s Friday Favorites post is all about my favorite places to buy baby clothing (so far)
Obviously I’m still new at this whole thing!

I’ll link a few different stores and also share a few of my favorite items from each that you can click on and shop!!

Super Affordable
TargetH&M, Old Navy/Gap, Zara
Here are a few cute options from these stores. All of these have TONS of options and tons of different styles…(I’m not able to link items for y’all from Zara because they aren’t integrated with rewardStyle BUT they have the freaking cutest stuff ever!!!)

More unique items/still affordable
Etsy – Etsy is such a great spot for special/unique/custom outfits and accessories and most Etsy shops are super affordable, and an added bonus – you’re helping out a small business!!

Higher Quality/Pricier
Nordstrom, Spearmint Baby

Swaddle Love

Adorable Childrens Boutiques

 This post was WAY more work than I thought it was going to be, but I’m hoping some of you soon to be mamas will find your new favorite place to shop for your little one(s)!!
Hope y’all have a great weekend!!

Third Trimester Clothing Items I Couldn’t Live Without

Y’all, pray for my husband.
The mood swings are at an all time high, and even I feel sorry for this man.
Last week was a complete roller coaster, I was having ALL the feels and for no particular reason,
and then I would get even more feels because I didn’t know why I was having feels…
Does any of this make sense!? No?
Because I can’t make any sense of it either, besides well, PREGNANCY.
Beyond grateful that Kyle has been so understanding and amazing through these crazy moodswings.
Instead of getting annoyed or frustrated with me he just tells me to take a bath,
and well, that pretty much always cures me!
A warm bath and comfort food always seem to help this growing girl out.

One thing I have MAJORLY needed during this third trimester of pregnancy is COMFORT.
I can’t tell y’all how important it is to have some comfy clothes that you can also feel cute in,
even if you’re just lounging around the house.
I finally stopped digging in Kyle’s underwear and Tshirt drawers and got some comfy items for myself!
So today I’m sharing the top 3 clothing items I couldn’t live without during pregnancy!!

The good news is, all of these items I’m sharing are not maternity, so you can continue to wear them after baby is born, SCORE.

First things first – let’s talk about the twins, the baby girls, the melons, the tender tatas…
I have been LIVING in bralettes, nothing makes me cringe more than the thought of a tight bra strap,
or anything accentuating my new lovely back fat. I’m linking some of my fav options below!

Next up, JOGGERS. Guys, not only are these super trendy and totally acceptable to wear out of the house…. but they are heavennnnn on the bod, seriously so cozy!
I’m linking some super simple/basic options as well as some fun options.

Lastly, I learned REAL quick that house shoes/slippers are an absolute must during pregnancy.
I started getting foot pain in my first trimester, and it only gets worse once you start getting heavier!
It’s so important to have some kind of support on those feet when walking around the house.
So here are some great slipper options to keep those feet happy whether you’re pregnant or not!!

Hope this post was helpful for all you soon to be mamas.
Happy Wednesday!

Hello January!!!

Okay, is this skirt not the cutest thing ever?!
It’s on sale for only $35 right now! ShopPinkBlush seriously has THE best and most unique pieces.
I know I talk about this store all the time, and I think a lot of you have a feeling that they only carry
maternity clothing…wellp, news flash. They carry regular sizes as well!!!!!

// Skirt // Booties //

Okay, I am SO EXCITED about this year!!
Not only do I finally get to meet my sweet baby boy but I get to take on a whole new role as Mommy,
and watch the love of my life become a Dad!!
I am 31 weeks pregnant as of Sunday and I just know these next 9 weeks are going to FLY by.

Kyle and I just got back home yesterday after a weekend in the Valley with family
and we totally went to bed at 8pm last night lol
Which meanssssss I’m full of energy this morning and maybe, I just migggghhhtttttt
do a little nesting…I think Kyle’s asked me 20 times when that phase of pregnancy is going to kick in lol

I asked all of you on Insagram yesterday if you would prefer to see more
fashion/beauty posts or family/lifestyle posts this year…
and I was SO SHOCKED at the outcome!!
More than 80% of you chose family/lifestyle,
so looks like you’ll be seeing a lot more of those posts this year!
Don’t worry though, I’ll still be sharing my outfits regularly!

Well I hope everyone enjoys their first “real” day of 2018,
make it a good one!!!

Merry Christmas Y’all!!!

Okay so I know it’s Christmas morning but I wanted to share this outfit with y’all since I got SO many questions about the details whenever I posted it on Instagram a couple days ago!
This is probably the coziest maternity look I’ve worn like EVER!
I’m actually wearing this sweater backwards..I shared a post wearing it normal here.
I got this sweater from ShopHopes, but it’s currently sold out –
don’t worry I linked the exact same one for y’all below!!
I ended up getting this sweater in a medium for a more oversized look and I LOVE it so much.

Obviously today’s post is super quick and to the point because DUH it’s Christmas!!!
Before I go…If you’re going to splurge on ONE thing this year, make it these OTK boots y’all,
I promise you will not regret it. Seriously the best purchase I made all year.

Okay off to make my mamas famous “sausage balls” and get ready for the day!

Merry Christmas and THANK YOU so much for reading my blog and supporting me
& just being the best ever!
Love y’all tons.

Friday Favorites – Maternity Pajamas!!

It’s Friday, and it’s ALMOST Christmas!!!!!!

Okay, so I asked all of you on Instagram if you really wanted this post and I was pleasantly
surprised with just how many of you NEEDED a post like this in your life.
So today is all about maternity pajamas!
From cozy sweats all the way to sexy lingerie, I’ve got ya covered!
And the best part is all of these options are SUPER affordable.

I’m actually really sad that I didn’t purchase more maternity pajamas,
I think I’m going to have to grab one or two of those Asos jammies, they’re just too cute!
It’s SO important to feel comfy while sleeping during pregnancy.
Hopefully some of these options help all you mamas to be!

I probably won’t have another post up until Tuesday so
Merry Christmas everyone!!!