Hello January!!!

Okay, is this skirt not the cutest thing ever?!
It’s on sale for only $35 right now! ShopPinkBlush seriously has THE best and most unique pieces.
I know I talk about this store all the time, and I think a lot of you have a feeling that they only carry
maternity clothing…wellp, news flash. They carry regular sizes as well!!!!!

// Skirt // Booties //

Okay, I am SO EXCITED about this year!!
Not only do I finally get to meet my sweet baby boy but I get to take on a whole new role as Mommy,
and watch the love of my life become a Dad!!
I am 31 weeks pregnant as of Sunday and I just know these next 9 weeks are going to FLY by.

Kyle and I just got back home yesterday after a weekend in the Valley with family
and we totally went to bed at 8pm last night lol
Which meanssssss I’m full of energy this morning and maybe, I just migggghhhtttttt
do a little nesting…I think Kyle’s asked me 20 times when that phase of pregnancy is going to kick in lol

I asked all of you on Insagram yesterday if you would prefer to see more
fashion/beauty posts or family/lifestyle posts this year…
and I was SO SHOCKED at the outcome!!
More than 80% of you chose family/lifestyle,
so looks like you’ll be seeing a lot more of those posts this year!
Don’t worry though, I’ll still be sharing my outfits regularly!

Well I hope everyone enjoys their first “real” day of 2018,
make it a good one!!!

Merry Christmas Y’all!!!

Okay so I know it’s Christmas morning but I wanted to share this outfit with y’all since I got SO many questions about the details whenever I posted it on Instagram a couple days ago!
This is probably the coziest maternity look I’ve worn like EVER!
I’m actually wearing this sweater backwards..I shared a post wearing it normal here.
I got this sweater from ShopHopes, but it’s currently sold out –
don’t worry I linked the exact same one for y’all below!!
I ended up getting this sweater in a medium for a more oversized look and I LOVE it so much.

Obviously today’s post is super quick and to the point because DUH it’s Christmas!!!
Before I go…If you’re going to splurge on ONE thing this year, make it these OTK boots y’all,
I promise you will not regret it. Seriously the best purchase I made all year.

Okay off to make my mamas famous “sausage balls” and get ready for the day!

Merry Christmas and THANK YOU so much for reading my blog and supporting me
& just being the best ever!
Love y’all tons.

A little weekend recap from your fav oompa loompa

Well, one week it’s snowing and the next I’m wearing this…
Totally aint mad about it though, ’cause this dress is THE cutest!

We’ve made it to week 29 and baby boy is getting h e a v y!
This Mama has already gained 24 lbs and I am 100% feeling it.
Thank God for cute maternity clothes and good makeup, they can really do wonders when you feel like a gassy oompa loompa 90% of the time.
And shout out to Jesus for ShopPinkBlush because they have totally SAVED me when it comes to cute clothing during pregnancy…I know I’ve said that 100 times, but I’m so serious.

Kyle and I had a pretty chill weekend at home.
Saturday was cold & rainy but we attempted to get some last minute Christmas shopping done.
And when I say “attempted”, I mean we went to like 5 stores and purchased nothing…
So we went to lunch instead lol

I’ve been on the hunt for a rocking chair for our nursery, but I’m having the hardest time ever
finding one that will fit in the room and not take up half of it!
I ended up ordering one yesterday after spending a full two days searching in stores and online,
so be praying that it works ’cause if not I MAY lose my mind.
If y’all know where I can find a good and SMALL rocker for baby boys nursery,
let me know please!! I want to have a back up plan in case this one doesn’t work out either.

Wellp, that’s all for today…
I’ve got about a million things to get done today.
Seriously can’t believe Christmas is just like 7 days away!!!

Happy Monday y’all!

Weekend Recap – OOTD

This weekend was a busy one, and this week is going to be just as busy!!
So someone pass me some coffee PUHLEASE.
Side note: My favorite maternity shop is having 30% off site wide today!
Just use code “WINTER30” at checkout! Both my top and jeans are from there.

// Similar Top [cute option] // Jeans // Booties (sold out – linking similar below) // Scarf //

We had a birthday party to attend across town on Saturday,
the party was from 11-2 but we ended up staying until about 7:30!
Our sweet friends little boy was celebrating his 3rd birthday and he ended up choosing
a “bacon themed party” which was actually so stinkin’ cute!!
We ended up staying late and talking to our friends about parenthood,
goodness our lives are about to change tremendously, for the better of course!!
We didn’t end up getting home until close to 9pm which is pretty much my bed time.
This third trimester came in HOT and I’m already feeling heavy and exhausted and having a hard
time sleeping through the night…BUT I know all of these little aches and pains will be SO DANG worth it once our little guy is here, can’t believe we’re only 12 weeks away from meeting him!!

Anyways, I’ve got some fun blog posts to share with y’all this week!!
So make sure you come back and say hi!
Happy Monday Y’all.

The perfect maternity sweater

There’s some exciting things happening and I’m SO excited to tell y’all about them!!
First off, I wanted to share this off the shoulder fringe sweater from ShopPinkBlush..
because it’s basically the cutest thing I’ve put on this pregnant belly of mine!
If you know me, you know I’m in love with ANYTHING off the shoulder,
the fringe detailing on this sweater just makes it THAT much more of a necessity.
It’s the perfect sweater to wear all Fall & Winter, I’m thinking about pairing it with some fun
Holiday earrings on Christmas Eve!
If you’re not already, make sure you follow ShopPinkBlush on Instagram,
they’re doing awesome giveaways next week and I’m taking over their instagram stories on Tuesday for their 12 days of pink blush!

// Sweater // Leggings // Booties //
(these are hands down the BEST maternity leggings, wear them multiple times a week)
(I’ve also worn these booties religiously the last two years, 100% recommend them)
Make sure you head to the ShopPinkBlush site to see all of the other cute sweaters they have in stock!!
click HERE for PinkBlush maternity sweaters. click HERE for PinkBlush non maternity sweaters.
Check out some of my other favorite off shoulder sweaters below!

It’s officially Friday Eve, which means the weekend is ALMOST here!!
It’s been super rainy and cold in Houston,
if we could just get the rain to leave and the cold to stay I’d be SO happy!
Well, I’m off to finally do the load of laundry that I’ve already had to re-wash 3 times…
Happy Thursday!