A Puppy Play Date.

Yesterday my (soon to be, hopefully) sister in law asked if I could baby sit her puppy!

Her puppys name is Grayson, and Charley and Grayson are the best of friends.

So of course I said yes!

Not only do these pups love each other, 

but their energy is endless.

They literally NEVER stop, ever.

Needless to say, I’m exhausted.

They sure were cute though!

The day began with a few tricks and a few treats.

and a whole lot of running.

It’s been SUPER hot and SUPER humid here in Houston, 

so after about 10 minutes of playing outside they would beg for some AC.

So I’d let them in, and they’d take about a 5 minute break..

Then they were ready to go again!

After watching them suffer in the heat for about an hour I decided to be the “cool aunt”

and whip out the kiddie pool.

Charley didn’t even wait for me to fill it up to jump in,

she is obsessed with the water…

Grayson took a little convincing, but they both loved it!

They had soooo much fun together all day!

This was a good reminder of why I don’t need another dog though…

I always think I want one, but holy cow they are a handful.

Thank God it’s Friday,

Have a great weekend y’all! 

xoxo, Monica