18 weeks + Last boat date as a family of 3

Happy Monday!
I am officially 18 weeks pregnant, and I am LOVING this whole “growing a baby” thing.



I’ve been craving milk, like so much milk..
(it’s actually a little scary how much I could drink)
and Chinese food and CARBS, but mainly biscuits and milk? so weird.
I’m feeling GREAT, but have to be in bed by 8:30 or I get grumpy.
I’ve gained a total of 8 lbs so far and cannot wait to start decorating the nursery!


Kyle and his cousin Corey purchased a boat for the family in July of 2016!
One of mine and Kyles favorite things to do has been to take it out in the evenings
on a week night just us and Charley and make a little date night out of it.
and now that Fall is here…well it’s supposed to be here, but we live in Houston, so…


We probably won’t be taking the boat out much more this year,
Especially once the time changes and it starts getting darker earlier.
So Kyle and I decided to have one last family {boat} date night before
there’s a real life little babe outside of my belly!





I seriously can’t believe i’m almost half way through this pregnancy!
Part of me feels like we just found out yesterday and another part of me feels
like March is a million years away.

We’ve been doing some adjustments to our guest rooms and moving things around
and building things etc. I can’t wait to show y’all!!!
I want to do a full home tour for y’all once we really get everything DONE.

Alright, well i’m off to get a little work out in.

Have a great day babes!

Bump Stylin’


/ Dress / Similar Top [boyfriend option] [cute option] / Sneaks /

It has been so much fun and SO interesting watching my body change and grow!
The first trimester was definitely the toughest, you feel like crap, and well, you kind of just look fat.
I’ve always considered my bloating a curse,
but when it comes to pregnancy, bloating has been a weird blessing.

Most people suffer through the “I just look fat” stage of pregnancy for a while,
but since i’m so dang bloated all the time, my belly has always looked like a “real belly”
Does that even make sense?! I’m pretty sure y’all know what i’m saying.

It’s so odd, because when I first wake up I have just the slightest little bump.
Then throughout the day my belly just seems to triple in size…
I’ll admit,
Part of me gets embarrassed because it does get quite big for only being 16 (almost 17) weeks.
But then the other part of me is like, HELL YES, there’s a real life baby growing in there!!
And well to be honest, i’ve been waiting for this bump for years now, the fact that it’s growing/showing faster than normal is kind of the greatest thing ever.

 So far, I’m loving being able to put different looks together,
A lot of these looks I definitely could not have pulled off pre pregnancy!
So it’s been fun adding new pieces to my wardrobe & playing around with items I already have!

 This entire outfit is made from pieces I already had in my closet.
You can see how I styled this dress pre-pregnancy here.  This striped Brandy Melville tee is one of my absolute favs, I bought it years ago and love how you can style it so many different ways!

 I’ve got my 16 week appointment today and I cannot wait to hear that little boys heartbeat!
Kyle can’t come with me today so my mama is gonna come!
Thinking I may invite mine and Kyle’s mom to our 20 week appointment so they can actually see the little nugget.
What are y’alls thought on this? Did you ever have multiple people come to your appointments with you? Suggest it? Not a good idea? Let me know your thoughts!

 Happy Thursday babes!


I’m not like a regular pregnant lady, I’m a COOL pregnant lady.

Happy Wednesday!
As most of you know, I do photography part time.
I had the pleasure of taking some engagement photos for my brother in law and his fiancé last Friday!
They chose some super cute Houston art walls to pose in front of,  and while they were doing an outfit change I just HAD to snap a pic in front of this one.

Dress (I tied it to make it shorter)/ Denim Button Up (similar) / Sneaks

I posted this on insta and a girl had commented saying I should frame this in his nursery, Which is actually a super cute idea!

 Anyways, I need y’all to tell me if i’m crazy. So lately I’ve started having this irrational fear that all of my friends without babies are never going to want to hang out with me anymore.
Is this a normal thing? Or am I losing it?

I do have a couple of friends with kiddos, but the majority of my “best” friends don’t have kids yet…
And I am SO afraid of being “that mom”, y’all know what i’m talking about.
The mom that ONLY talks about her kid, always. Like even on “girls nights” when everyone is just trying to vent and catch up…and they’re just over there talking about how often their baby’s pooping, or that he’s started eating solid foods, or how he woke up 12 times last night….
Is this a normal fear?!
I mean of course I’m going to talk about it, because it’s consuming my life and thoughts (& body)
BUT I still want to be cool, and funny, and relatable, and have typical girl talk.
Ayyyyyy yi yi!
So I just had lunch with one of my best girlfriends and once I got in my car,
I immediately started asking myself “Omg was I boring?
Did I talk too much about pregnancy or baby stuff??
We didn’t laugh as much as we usually do…Omg am I not funny anymore?”
I’m pretty sure i’m just losing it,
because honestly I crack myself up on the daily.
…..Which, I guess could also be a sign of losing it…..

Okay, I’m done for the day.

 Bloggers, What are some of y’alls favorite weekly link ups?!
I’m wanting in on the action so share your favs with me!

Weekend Recap + Did they say what I think they just said

Is it too late to do a weekend recap of two weekends ago?! 

(Really wish I could add emojis in here)

Goodness, I’m behind!

Snag this cute suit for under $20!!

Kyle and I spent a lot of time in the sun this past weekend.

On Saturday we headed to my parents for some pool action, 

followed by a MUCH needed dinner at Texas Roadhouse. 

If y’all haven’t ever had their Chicken Critter Salad, i’m urging you, 


Hands down, best salad ever.

 [with ranch of course]

Dang it, now that I typed that I need one right.this.second!

Anyways, I’m thinking about doing a post soon about,

“What not to say to a pregnant woman”

If you follow me on instagram you maaaaaay have seen a rant on my stories this Saturday.

WAY too many people have given me their 2 cents on my pregnant belly,
and I had just had E N O U G H.
So thankful for all of my fellow mamas and sweet friends though.
You all shared similar stories with me and cheered me up REAL quick.
I love y’all.

For those who have no clue what i’m talking about,
There were multiple different instances where people had let me know
that my belly was way too big for how far along I am,
and well, I let it get under my skin.

BUT i’m feeling much better now and know that unwanted comments and opinions
are just something that comes along with pregnancy!

I love this {big} belly of mine, and I am so incredibly proud of my body and what it’s doing.
For all you other pregnant mamas who have had similar experiences,
you’re not alone and you’re PERFECT!
To all you pregnant mamas who aren’t showing yet and getting the,
“ummm are you sure you’re pregnant??” “are you feeding that growing baby??” etc…
Hang in there!
You are perfect as well and everyones body changes and grows at it’s own pace.
We mamas need to all stick together and support each other no matter what,
no more body shaming, and judgment!

Have a happy Tuesday Y’all!