Caught Up.

Today [Friday] I’m feeling regretful.

It’s so easy to get ridiculously caught up in life.

Caught up in work, social media, tv shows, bills, laundry, cleaning the house…

Kyle left this weekend to go to the Valley to play in a golf tournament.

Which left me here alone…thinking about us and our relationship and our life together.

and now I’m realizing how much I miss having him here by me…

But it’s not just that.

I miss sitting by each other and really BEING with each other.

Not looking at our phones with our minds in completely separate places…

Kyle used to travel for work pretty often so this isn’t the first weekend i’ve spent at the house alone,

but for some reason this time I really got to thinking…

Why don’t I put my phone away once Kyle gets home from work?

Why don’t I cherish these little moments we still have as kidless newlyweds?

Why don’t I unplug and really give him the attention and love that I want him to feel?

Maybe I needed this time alone to really realize that things need to change.

Kyle and I have been together since the very beginning of college.

We were 18…babies.

And we’ve been madly in love ever since.

Yes we are newlyweds,

 but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way since we’ve been together for SO long. 

It’s time for me as a wife to GET IT TOGETHER.

Time to work hard on my businesses during the day…

get the laundry and cleaning done during the day…

and be PRESENT when Kyle’s home.

I’m so lucky and grateful to have a husband like him 

and I can’t imagine doing life with anyone else.

Cheers to more real time, laughs & cuddles.

I’m off to go get things done so I can spoil my husband this evening!

xoxo, Monica