R+F Review

Holy moly I woke up feeling REFRESHED this morning!

Bri reached out to me on instagram and offered me these R+F samples and holy cow,

was not expecting them to be THIS great.

I have super sensitive skin, so i’ll admit, it did take me a while to convince myself to try them.

But now i’m SO glad that I did, and already need more.

I am a major lover of all things exfoliating and this micro-dermabrasion paste quickly

became one of my top favorites.

So… I took videos applying it, but they’re a little ridiculous so i’ll spare y’all.

I applied the micro-dermabrasion paste first,

I was a little worried the scrub would be too intense and leave my face red and irritated.


I could’ve lathered my face in that stuff all day long.

It smelled amazing, and it was the perfect mixture of a scrub and moisturizer.

After scrubbing my face down I applied the night serum,

which left my skin feeling extra soft. 

Bri also sent me a lip serum and when I kissed Kyle goodnight 

he came right back in for more to get some more of the serum haha

I’ve honestly been wanting to try R+F for years 

but was so afraid it wouldn’t be worth the investment.

I’m so thankful Bri was kind enough to send me some samples,

I now have a way better idea of what their products are like and I know my skin can handle them.

If any of you have been interested in R+F but afraid to try it PLEASE reach out to Bri.

She is such a sweetheart and will answer any question you may have!

Feel free to call her at 551 427 2911

Or shoot her an email at BriVitulano@gmail.com 

Or just head to her site!


This post was supposed to go up this Monday but it’s been a crazy week.
Tomorrow i’m re capping my weekend in the Hill country and then,

I’ve got some exciting news to share with y’all next Monday!!!

Let’s Talk Makeup Reviews.

Y’all….I had a quarter life crisis last week.

So, lately I haven’t been feelin’ too hot. 

And I mean that literally…

well not like temperature wise but physical appearance wise.

I have been struggling so hard with my face/skin.

I wash my face every morning with Cetaphil, moisturize, then apply makeup.

(the makeup part doesn’t exactly happen every day but you get the point)

Every time I put on my makeup my face would get SO oily! Like literally 15 minutes later.

It was not cute, I constantly felt gross and that my skin was dirty.

I would put on my makeup and get in the car and look in the mirror, 

and the girl looking back at me looked SO much older than 25…

I honestly was so confused, I did NOT feel like I looked that old without makeup,

but once I would get all ready I felt like every semi-wrinkle or line was like exaggerated.

It seriously NEVER crossed my mind that it could be the makeup I’m using.

I started using bare minerals a few years ago and I LOVED it at the beginning,

I’m not sure what has changed to make it start looking different but something definitely has.

And I am not so in love with it anymore.

My girlfriend Jenn introduced me to this fabulous website MakeupAlley.com

Millions of girls get on there and review all different kinds of makeup.

So I randomly decided to get on there and search the EXACT bare minerals products I have been using.

holy crap.

There were TONS of girls on there saying how bare minerals is a great make up BUT 

it made their skin super oily and they had to blot regularly.

(Aint nobody got time for that!)

AND…Even more girls were saying how it made them look older!

That the makeup actually brought out their fine lines/wrinkles/flaws.

[btw I’ve been using the Matte Powder Foundation, & yes I’ve also tried original]

How did I never think of this before?!

I can’t believe my makeup was making me look WORSE.

Y’all I have been freaking out!  

I genuinely thought that I was aging prematurely.

Needless to say I washed my face and stopped using it immediately after reading those reviews.

Please don’t think i’m bashing bare minerals, 

they have excellent products but my skin just does NOT like them.

So I’m hoping by sharing this that I’m preventing some of you from a quarter life crisis.

I ended up ordering MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish Powder and I’m really excited to use it.

Does anyone use that as their foundation?!

I’m not really a big makeup person and that’s what initially drew me toward bare minerals,

the make up was very natural looking and I LOVED that.

I’m just now on a mission to find an excellent powder foundation that has good coverage,

looks natural, and does not make me a grease monkey within 15 minutes.

Have any of you encountered the same problem?!

Wellp, today I’m making my very first pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Fingers crossed it’s actually edible!

xoxo, Monica