Last Day on the Slopes.

I’m SO SO glad I decided to ski another day y’all.

The weather couldn’t have been any more perfect, I think I may have even sweat a little!

The sun was bright and shining and it was SUCH a beautiful day.


I am so shocked that I survived the Colorado Cold Weather!

I am the biggest baby in cold weather but surprisingly it wasn’t too too bad.

After skiing we all went out to eat then went home to take a quick nap.

(that’s what happens when you get old)

We weren’t going to leave until Sunday but decided to leave a day early

so that we all didnt have to go straight to work after driving all night.

Thank God we did that because Kyle and I slept ALL day long on Sunday!

After our nap we all got dressed and decided to walk around town

since it was our last night!

We did some shopping then decided to go to a mexican restaurant,

because all of us were having major queso withdrawals.

That place definitely did not have your typical mexican food, 

but it wasn’t bad!

The next day we all packed up and headed home.

I will definitely be looking forward to our next trip to Colorado!!

First day on the slopes!

The first day we skied was SO cold.

It was around -10 degrees and it started snowing HARD during the middle of the day.

Therefore I only skied half a day! ha!

Even though it was freezing it was SO much fun.

I’ve only been skiing like twice in my life and both times I was pretty awful.

I was pretty surprised with how much better I did this time,

Kyle was super impressed too!

It’s always nice to impress the husband ;]

I was only planning on skiing one day but we heard the weather was supposed to be

AMAZING the following day, so I ended up buying another half day!

Come back tomorrow to find out if the weather really was amazing…;] 

Happy Hump Day Ladies, go do some squats!

xoxo, Monica