Overwhelmed…In a good way.

Can y’all believe he FINALLY did it?!

I think I’m still in shock.

[Excuse my boy hands, I obviously wasnt expecting a proposal.]


so much for all of the love!

We are both seriously so pumped.

I am so full of emotions you would think I was pregnant.

(I’m NOT)

One minute I can’t stop smiling, the next I’m crying, then I’m giggling uncontrollably.

I can’t believe that I finally get to put all of my wedding pins on pinterest to good use


I am having one major dilemma though.

Maybe y’all can help?

For the past few months when I’ve been daydreaming about my wedding

I’ve pictured myself wearing a beautiful ball gown wedding dress…

but now that I actually get to pick a dress out I’m SO confused.

I have NO idea what style I want, obviously I’ll have a better idea once I try them on.

But I want y’alls opinions, what kind of dress can you picture me in?!

Ball Gown? Mermaid? Simple? Lace? Satin?

Go into full detail if you want, lol I need ALL the help I can get.

I’ve got a lotttttttttt of decisions to make soon, 

but at least they are all fun decisions!

How has everyone been?! 

Obviously, I’ve been pre-occupied with all of this craziness going on!