Packin’ Up and Headin’ Out.

The past few weeks have been a tad stressful.

Kyle was recently transferred to a completely different position at his job,

on the complete opposite side of town.

Kyle and I have been wanting to move more north for a while now. 

We don’t really love the neighborhood we are currently in, 

and we have a back neighbor that sits outside talking on the phone all day everyday,

so we can barely ever let Charley out because she barks at him like CRAZY.

We’ve been looking to buy somewhere near the Cypress area for a few months,

but haven’t had any luck AT ALL.

Our lease in the house we are currently in ends THIS month. 

We have always paid on time, and have heard our landlord loves us.

Therefore we figured we could extend our lease about 3 more months and it wouldn’t be a problem.


Our landlord decided to raise the rent significantly,

and there was no way we were willing to pay that amount.

Therefore, we started searching like crazy for a new place to rent.

A place closer to his work, in a better area, and preferably with no back neighbors!

God sure is good, we managed to find a place within a week!

When we found it we were informed that it had already had multiple offers.

So, of course we were super bummed and not very optimistic. 

Well guess what?! We were told yesterday that IT’S OURS!

Our official move in date is the 25th,

so we’ve got a heck of a lot of work to do!

Moving is never fun, and always stressful so please just keep us in your prayers!

Especially because Kyles new job is MUCH less flexible so I’ll probably

be doing a lot of the packing and moving myself. 

Although we’ve been wanting to get out of this house for a while it’s still bittersweet.

This was mine and Kyles very first home together, and the only home Charley knows.

So even though I’m super excited to be leaving, 

we are leaving behind some really awesome memories. 

If anyone has any amazing moving tips send them my way!! 

Happy Hump Day Pretty Girls.

xoxo, Monica

Thank God for weekends.

After a SUPER long week, this weekend was majorly needed.

After babysitting Friday, Kyle and I headed out to get margaritas and some tex-mex!

Kyle and I have been stressing lately because a lot of people at his job are getting laid off.

God is definitely watching over us because he was offered a new position rather than being let go.

He starts in a few weeks and it’s in a different location which means we MAY be moving soon.

So there’s been lot’s of things going on over here, 

which is why I haven’t had much time for blogging!

This weekend was great though.

On Saturday we met up with Bryan & Skye to have lunch and take our pups to the park!

They had a BLAST but were a filthy mess. 

Saturday night we met back up with them for some drinks [& queso]

I LOVE how close we all are. 

It’s also a HUGE plus that I’m in love with my brother in laws girlfriend,

knowing that you could potentially have a best friend as family is always exciting.

After a few drinks we headed downtown to meet up with some more family/friends!

Unfortunately no photos were taken, only snapchats.

Which is pretty typical for a night like that lol.

But anyways…Kyle has been building us a new kitchen table and I am SO excited about it.

I am dying to show y’all the finished product, he’s done such an awesome job.

Hopefully it will be finished by tomorrow!! 

Have a great Tuesday ladies!

xoxo, Monica

Mondays are the devil.

Mondays are the devil.

Yesterday was a tad bit stressful, crappy things pretty much kept happening throughout the entire day.

Of course they were minor things that just put a damper on my day,

but to sum it all up, it was a ROUGH day.

I got my first work out in for Day 1 Week 1 of Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide…

However, I ate terrible 🙁 I forgot how bad of a stress eater I am.

Sheesh, I’m just thankful that day is over!!

Today will be better!

Today is “cardio” day, but I think I may add in a little weight training as well.

One of my goals is to grow my legs and butt and I know I’ll need to lift heavy to do so!

Have any of you ladies done work outs that have helped grow your booty successfully?!

If so, PLEASE, I’m begging you, share. 

Crunch time + Margaritas

Top, Jacket, Boots: (best online boutique ever, duh)

Jeggings: Forever21

Y’all the wedding is in LESS than 2 weeks, like 12 days.

Which means it’s CRUNCH time, and I’m just a TAD bit stressed.

Which means I am constantly desperate for a good margarita.

Thank God there’s a great mexican restaurant near mine and Kyle’s new house…

I kind of forced him into taking me to get one the other day

A good margarita and chips and guac (or queso) are my absolute weakness.

Could literally eat mexican food every day for the rest of my life!

So needless to say I’m crazy busy, stressed, anxious, nervous, excited, happy…
and well a million other emotions!

There is still A LOT to do which is kind of stressing me out,
but hey it will all work out!
I hope all of you have been doing well,
I’ve been so consumed with this wedding and everything that I
haven’t had time to see how all of your lives are going!

The weather is FREEZING here,
A lot of schools and work places are saying to stay home..
Which means we can’t drive to go get things done :/
And it scares me that it’s going to be freezing on our wedding day…
But I’m trying to stay positive!!!
Everything will work out…
<3 <3 <3 <3