Bump Stylin’


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It has been so much fun and SO interesting watching my body change and grow!
The first trimester was definitely the toughest, you feel like crap, and well, you kind of just look fat.
I’ve always considered my bloating a curse,
but when it comes to pregnancy, bloating has been a weird blessing.

Most people suffer through the “I just look fat” stage of pregnancy for a while,
but since i’m so dang bloated all the time, my belly has always looked like a “real belly”
Does that even make sense?! I’m pretty sure y’all know what i’m saying.

It’s so odd, because when I first wake up I have just the slightest little bump.
Then throughout the day my belly just seems to triple in size…
I’ll admit,
Part of me gets embarrassed because it does get quite big for only being 16 (almost 17) weeks.
But then the other part of me is like, HELL YES, there’s a real life baby growing in there!!
And well to be honest, i’ve been waiting for this bump for years now, the fact that it’s growing/showing faster than normal is kind of the greatest thing ever.

 So far, I’m loving being able to put different looks together,
A lot of these looks I definitely could not have pulled off pre pregnancy!
So it’s been fun adding new pieces to my wardrobe & playing around with items I already have!

 This entire outfit is made from pieces I already had in my closet.
You can see how I styled this dress pre-pregnancy here.  This striped Brandy Melville tee is one of my absolute favs, I bought it years ago and love how you can style it so many different ways!

 I’ve got my 16 week appointment today and I cannot wait to hear that little boys heartbeat!
Kyle can’t come with me today so my mama is gonna come!
Thinking I may invite mine and Kyle’s mom to our 20 week appointment so they can actually see the little nugget.
What are y’alls thought on this? Did you ever have multiple people come to your appointments with you? Suggest it? Not a good idea? Let me know your thoughts!

 Happy Thursday babes!