Season of Celebrating

Hello Lovers!

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I’ve noticed I tend to do this thing, where I blog for a week, 

and then you don’t hear from me for like two months…


There has been SO much going on.

Kyle and I are moving into our new home next week!

We couldn’t be more excited.

SO many of my friends are getting engaged and married and it seems like

we have some sort of shower or party every single weekend,

which is definitely not a bad thing!

We’re going through a season of celebrating and I aint mad about it. 

Kyles stepsister Taryn got married a couple weeks ago and it was so gorgeous.

The reception was at Moffit Oaks and it was basically every girls pinterest dream wedding.

The mother of the bride actually planned a flash mob for the reception and

it was a HUGE hit and seriously so cool.

This weekend I’ll be heading to the Hill Country for my sister in laws bachelorette weekend.

Her wedding is at the end of this month and it’s going to be so freaking perfect.

I’m still adjusting to life back at home.

Missing my salon friends SO much,

and missing that face to face interaction with my customers.

So there’s a little update for you all!

Happy Monday friends, hope this week treats you well!