Cabo Wabo 2015 Day 2

Day 2 in pictures.

Most of our days were spent at the pool or on the beach.

The waves were SO strong, but that definitely didn’t stop us from jumping in the water.

We are all so used to waking up early that we were usually the first ones at the pool,

which was REALLY nice because we could get a decent spot before it was crowded.

Posting these pictures already makes me miss it SO much,

Cabo is one of mine and Kyles absolute FAVORITE places.

Cabo Wabo 2015 Day 1

Not sure if any of you follow me on instagram but I was MIA last week for a VERY good reason.


A bunch of us hopped on a plane last Tuesday for a much needed vacation.

Kyle and I went to Cabo for our honeymoon and we just couldn’t wait to go back,

but this time we brought our friends/family with us!

We get there around 2 on Tuesday and didnt waste any time throwing on our swimsuits 

and heading to the pool.

The scenery in Cabo is unbelievable. I think all of us said “is this real life?” multiple times a day.

The weather was perfect and each day was spent soaking up the sun…

Stay tuned for pictures of the rest of the trip!!

Sunshine & Water.

This past weekend was beyond great.

My sister in laws boyfriends family has a lake house on Canyon lake near San Antonio!

So Kyle and I, 

Kyle’s little sister [Michelle] & her boyfriend [Alex], 

& Kyle’s little brother [Bryan] & his girlfriend [Skye]

ALLLLL packed up and headed there for the weekend!

We got there late Friday night and played card games and laughed ’till we cried.

the next morning we floated the river, and then went out on the boat that afternoon.

Kyle’s family used to own a boat and we basically lived on it during the Summers.

His papa sold it a while ago and it has been YEARS since Kyle or I have enjoyed being on a boat wakeboarding and doing fun boat things!

Him and I were both way too excited.

On Sunday we woke up early and spent the entire morning and afternoon on the boat!

It was perfect.

We all got a little wake boarding in & we definitely all got some sun!

Me & Michelle

Me & Skye

The greatest couple you’ll ever meet.

The girls! 


The house we stayed at was absolutely stunning, 

Kyle and I got to stay in the master suite!

Perks of being the only married couple.

This was our view from our bedroom window…SO relaxing.

Kyle and I are definitely hoping and praying that once we’re older we’ll be able to afford

a nice lake house, gosssshhhhh it was SO great!!

Happy Hump Day!

xoxo, Monica

Honeymoon Part II – Valentines Day

Talk about a BEAUTIFUL valentines day!

Kyle and I woke up and were at the pool/beach by 8:30 every morning!

We just were so happy and excited every morning & didn’t want to waste ANY time.

We had WAY too much fun that day, we made some friends and

drank a LITTLE too much…okay just me, I drank too much.

Sorry I’m not sorry.

Valentines Day Outfit:

Dress: Dainty Hooligan



We made reservations at one of the restaurants and it was pretty dang good!

It was nice to go on a REAL date with my new husband,

we had such a good night!!!