A little San Diego babymoon

Kyle and I just got home late last night from San Diego!
We took a little time to ourselves and headed to California for a long weekend of babymooning.
I’m actually really surprised at how many people have NEVER heard of the term “babymoon”!
Well, if you’re one of those people, it’s one last vacation before baby comes!

We spent a ton of time outside and did a TON of walking.
Needless to say, this mama is T I R E D.
I hit the 27 week mark on Sunday, and of course had to document with a selfie.

We arrived in San Diego Friday afternoon and did a little exploring.
On Saturday we woke up early and headed to La Jolla!
We had breakfast at The Mission Restaurant and holy crap it was UH MAZING.

We pretty much carb loaded the entire trip and I’m definitely not mad about it.
After breakfast we headed to the beach to check out the seals and see what La Jolla was all about!
La Jolla was definitely our favorite spot, I think we actually went there every single day of our trip,
Even if it was just to walk around a bit, or watch the sunset.

The weather was phenomenal, like we expected.
We definitely weren’t missing the Houston humidity!
We both just wanted to be outside all day every day that we were there.
We hit up the San Diego Zoo on Sunday which was SO awesome!
I’ll share more about that with y’all later this week!
Happy Tuesday friends.

Labor Day Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday!

Obviously I couldn’t rock a pair of overalls without doing a heel kick photo.

I’ve had these overalls for a few years now and only worn them a handful of times,

BUT they are too cute to ever get rid of. 

I’ve linked a few super cute overall options below for you babes 

Edgy, Simple, Higher end

Our labor day weekend was supposed to consist of lots of dove hunting,
but the weather was no bueno so instead it consisted of lots of drinking.
However I did manage to get a couple cute photos before the rain came.
[are you surprised?]

About the time the girls loaded up all the beer for the boys and got out there it started pouring.
Needless to say there was very little hunting.
We all headed back to the house and hung out for the day.
That evening the family went to our all time fav restaurant in the valley for dinner, Arturos!

I scored this cute little romper online at ShopHopes and 

these wedges pretty much never leave my body. 

I got mine on sale for $75 but unfortunately that sale is over.

However, here is a similar option at a more affordable price!

Hope your Tuesday is better than your Monday was!

Early bird gets the worm

Labor Day Weekend is always something I look forward too.

For the past few years Kyle and I (and his entire family) always go down to the Valley 

for opening weekend.

This year we left on Thursday so we could get some fishing in Friday morning!

It’s not often that i’m up to watch the sunrise, but when I am –
I make sure to soak in every minute.

I’d like to say that I’m a badass fisher[wo]man BUT I always like to keep it real with y’all…

I pretty much only go in hopes to see some dolphins, and of course for a good selfie. 

Y’all would be so proud though…I totally caught 2 fish all on my own, 

reeled those suckers in and everything.

Oh and here’s a rare and adorable photo of Kyle,

Yes, he’s posing to make fun of me.

There may or may not have been a photo shoot prior to this picture 

where I did the exact same pose…Unfortunately, he nailed it much better than I did. 

We ended up reaching our limit before noon and thank God we did because,

Holy crap it was H O T.

And after the fishing was done we got back to the house and took a 4 hour nap…


On Saturday and Sunday we attempted to go dove hunting…

More Labor Day weekend details will be up tomorrow!!

Goodbye Vegas

It’s safe to say that our Vegas trip didn’t exactly go as planned…

It kind of almost feels like I never went, but hey life aint fair & sometimes vacations turn to crap.

The last night we decided to see a Cirque Du Soleil show and I was SO pumped!

So, I hate to disappoint but I actually have no clue where this outfit is from…

However I’ve found some similar items for y’all!

Top: [similar]

Skirt: [similar] [similar] [similar]

Necklace: Etsy

Sandals: [similar] [similar]

It was a great way to end our trip!

Our flight was at 12:59 so we made sure to get some fun in

 before we headed off to the dreaded airport…

Hopefully our next Vegas experience will go a little more smoothly…

Until next time!

xoxo, Monica

The Travel Struggle is SO real.

Top: BrandyMelville

Shorts: American Eagle

Chambray: Charlotte Russe

Booties: Zara

Last Thursday Kyle and I woke up bright and early at 3AM to jump on a plane and head to Vegas!

Only, things didn’t exactly go as planned….

We get to the airport, wait in a 30 minute line, only to find out we had gone to the wrong airport.

Yes, you read that right. We had 20 minutes until we were supposed to board,

and the airport we were supposed to be at was 40 minutes away. 

{Back Story}

We were heading to Vegas because the boys qualified to play in a golf tournament there.

A few of us girls all decided to tag along with them and enjoy/explore Vegas

on the days that the boys golfed.

Well, last minute all of the girls bailed on me and I was left being the ONLY one.

Kyle and I were supposed to arrive in Vegas around 6am,

We figured this would be great and give us time to explore and see the sights

before the other boys arrived and they all left to head to the golf course.

Well, needless to say we missed our first flight since going to the wrong airport.

Of course we were both super frustrated and disappointed,

the next flight we could catch didn’t arrive in Vegas until around 2:30 

and the boys had a tee time at 3. So there went mine and Kyle’s first day together.

I tried to shrug it off, and remember that my friend Patric would be there around the same time

and him and I could head to the pool and relax while the other boys went to the golf course….

Kyle and I are about to board the new plane and they announce that the AC isn’t working and will have to wait and find a new air craft…30 minutes go by…new aircraft arrives and about 20 minutes later we finally board and are ready to lift off and head to vegas….something is wrong with the plane and maintenance comes out…40 minutes sitting on the plane….we’re FINALLY ready for lift off.

By this time, I’m SO frustrated and just ready to be there.

A couple hours later and the Pilot announces we will be landing in around 15 minutes.

I was THRILLED and so ready to be off the plane.

5 minutes later…the pilot announces we’ve come up to some bad weather and will be circling around for the next 20 minutes until it’s safe to land…

**insert dramatic hysterical angry face here**

30 minutes go by and we’re still circling, at this point i’m trying not to cry…

and then the worst thing happens…

“The weather isn’t clearing up so we’re going to be flying to an airport in Phoenix and waiting there until it’s clear…”


I think y’all pretty much get the gist of how are trip there went…

We stayed in phoenix for over an hour and didnt land in vegas until around 8pm,

then we weren’t allowed to get off the plane because of lightning…

we finally get off and wait for our luggage…

then find out we can’t get our luggage because the people unloading it aren’t allowed to do so because of lightning….

Our ENTIRE first day of vacation flew right before our eyes…

Oh, and it was the ONLY day Kyle and I would’ve had time together just us 2…

One of the other guys had a flight 12 hours after ours and we arrived at the airport the exact same time….

Talk about one hell of a day.

We didn’t get to our hotel until about 10pm and were SO ready for bed.

Check back tomorrow to see if our trip got better…or worse…

xoxo, Monica