High Neckline Obsession

Lately I’ve been drooling over high necklines…

and what girl doesn’t love a dress that twirls?!


Necklace [similar]


This dress is seriously so casual and comfy…but also fancy in a way.

That’s what i’m loving about high necklines, I feel like they instantly make your outfit a tad fancier.

And I mean, fancy is always a good thing.

I can’t even begin to explain how crazy my life has been lately…

BUT it’s a good kind of crazy!!!

xoxo, Monica

First day on the slopes!

The first day we skied was SO cold.

It was around -10 degrees and it started snowing HARD during the middle of the day.

Therefore I only skied half a day! ha!

Even though it was freezing it was SO much fun.

I’ve only been skiing like twice in my life and both times I was pretty awful.

I was pretty surprised with how much better I did this time,

Kyle was super impressed too!

It’s always nice to impress the husband ;]

I was only planning on skiing one day but we heard the weather was supposed to be

AMAZING the following day, so I ended up buying another half day!

Come back tomorrow to find out if the weather really was amazing…;] 

Happy Hump Day Ladies, go do some squats!

xoxo, Monica

Last Minute Roadtrip

Sometimes you just gotta pack your things and GO somewhere.

Kyle and I, my brother in law and his girlfriend, 3 of Kyles cousins, and 2 of their friends

all packed up 2 cars and made a 19 hour road trip to Colorado last Tuesday evening!!

19 hours is a LONG time y’all.

But I’m SO glad we ended up going.

Here are a few pictures I got during the drive.

Y’all…I think I died driving through this. Seriously SO pretty.

After probably 20+ hours with all our stops 

we FINALLY made it to Crested Butte around noon Wednesday morning.

We couldn’t check in until 2 so we stopped to get some breakfast and waste some time.

These were the absolute best blueberry pancakes I’ve ever had in my life.

After breakfast we walked around to a few different shops in the town,

and then finally checked in a little after 2.

We were all desperate for a shower and a good nap, 

especially because it was NYE and we knew we would be going out that night.

I’ll be sharing more with y’all tomorrow!! 

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas break/NYE.

Happy Monday y’all.

xoxo, Monica

The City We Fell in Love,

There’s nothing like being in the city you fell in love with the love of your life.

Kyle and I met right before school started in San Antonio,

and it feels like we basically grew up there together, 

There are SO many amazing memories that this city brings back.

I miss living there SO much so anytime Kyle travels there for work 

I do my best to tag along, even if it’s just for a day!

Dress: LuLus.com

Vest: UrbanOutfitters.com [old]

Necklace: Sam Moon

Wedges: LuLus.com

Belt: thrifted

We stayed at a hotel on the RiverWalk and it was perfect.

We walked around looking for a mexican restaurant for a while

because of course we wanted some margaritas.

Thank God, we found one! 

The margaritas weren’t that great but the queso on the other hand….

Oh Lord help us, that queso was tha BOMB.

We basically drank it.

After drinking our queso we decided it was the perfect time

to plop in bed and enjoy some shark week!

Want to know what sucks?!

Shark Week ALWAYS comes on just a little before I go on vacation…

Like, it never fails! 

Oh well, looks like I’ll be enjoying the pretty sand rather than the blue water.

Hope everyone had a good Monday?

I hate to make y’all jealous but I spent the majority of mine in a comfy king sized bed,

Reading, snacking, watching tv, and doing a whole lot of nothing.

But don’t be too jealous because the relaxing is over for me!

Happy Tuesday pretty ladies!

xoxo, Monica