Vegas Day 2…

Day 2 in Vegas…

My friend Patric was supposed to arrive the night before and him and I were supposed to spend the day together exploring Vegas and hanging by the pool while the other boys golfed….

Well, his flight got cancelled and therefore I was left all alone…

His new flight was supposed to arrive around 2:30 so I had planned on enjoying the morning and doing a little shopping and then once he arrived we would go to the pool together!

 I spent most of the morning lounging around and enjoying getting to stay in bed.

Then decided to order a little room service…

After breakfast I continued lounging…

And maybe took a selfie every now and then…

an hour or 2 went by and I decided it was time to do a little exploring!

I’m not gonna lie I was a little nervous to explore this city all by myself.

As soon as I got into the hotel lobby a drunk guy grabbed my arm, spun me around,

and pulled me into him….

our faces were literally 1/2 an inch apart and for half a second I was terrified that he was going to go in for the kill.

Thank God I had the strength to pull away and give him the death stare.

He still had a hold of my arm and was mumbling some random questions,

and I just politely smiled and shook my head….

I knew he meant no harm and was just being drunk and annoying.

He asked for a kiss on the cheek and I respectfully declined {in front of all his friends} 

and went on my way…

I made it out of the hotel alive and started heading towards the strip…

Let me tell ya, I had a pretty good time even though I was by myself.

I was SO tempted to whip out my selfie stick, but I didn’t have the courage to go that far haha

I walked about 15 minutes over to Planet Hollywood and did a little shopping!

Bought myself some adorable floral shoes and floral shorts at H&M,

I’m sure you’ll see them soon 😉

After walking around for a while I headed back to the hotel in hope that Patric would arrive soon!

I get back to the hotel only to hear some bad news…

Patrics plane was still on the ground and maintenance was working on it. 


I really wasn’t surprised since we had already been have such crappy luck.

This meant I had a few more hours to kill a llllllll by myself….

The good news is the selfie lighting in our room was superb.


It was a very lonely but pretty good day in Vegas for me!

I was SO excited when the boys finally got back from golfing! 


The Travel Struggle is SO real.

Top: BrandyMelville

Shorts: American Eagle

Chambray: Charlotte Russe

Booties: Zara

Last Thursday Kyle and I woke up bright and early at 3AM to jump on a plane and head to Vegas!

Only, things didn’t exactly go as planned….

We get to the airport, wait in a 30 minute line, only to find out we had gone to the wrong airport.

Yes, you read that right. We had 20 minutes until we were supposed to board,

and the airport we were supposed to be at was 40 minutes away. 

{Back Story}

We were heading to Vegas because the boys qualified to play in a golf tournament there.

A few of us girls all decided to tag along with them and enjoy/explore Vegas

on the days that the boys golfed.

Well, last minute all of the girls bailed on me and I was left being the ONLY one.

Kyle and I were supposed to arrive in Vegas around 6am,

We figured this would be great and give us time to explore and see the sights

before the other boys arrived and they all left to head to the golf course.

Well, needless to say we missed our first flight since going to the wrong airport.

Of course we were both super frustrated and disappointed,

the next flight we could catch didn’t arrive in Vegas until around 2:30 

and the boys had a tee time at 3. So there went mine and Kyle’s first day together.

I tried to shrug it off, and remember that my friend Patric would be there around the same time

and him and I could head to the pool and relax while the other boys went to the golf course….

Kyle and I are about to board the new plane and they announce that the AC isn’t working and will have to wait and find a new air craft…30 minutes go by…new aircraft arrives and about 20 minutes later we finally board and are ready to lift off and head to vegas….something is wrong with the plane and maintenance comes out…40 minutes sitting on the plane….we’re FINALLY ready for lift off.

By this time, I’m SO frustrated and just ready to be there.

A couple hours later and the Pilot announces we will be landing in around 15 minutes.

I was THRILLED and so ready to be off the plane.

5 minutes later…the pilot announces we’ve come up to some bad weather and will be circling around for the next 20 minutes until it’s safe to land…

**insert dramatic hysterical angry face here**

30 minutes go by and we’re still circling, at this point i’m trying not to cry…

and then the worst thing happens…

“The weather isn’t clearing up so we’re going to be flying to an airport in Phoenix and waiting there until it’s clear…”


I think y’all pretty much get the gist of how are trip there went…

We stayed in phoenix for over an hour and didnt land in vegas until around 8pm,

then we weren’t allowed to get off the plane because of lightning…

we finally get off and wait for our luggage…

then find out we can’t get our luggage because the people unloading it aren’t allowed to do so because of lightning….

Our ENTIRE first day of vacation flew right before our eyes…

Oh, and it was the ONLY day Kyle and I would’ve had time together just us 2…

One of the other guys had a flight 12 hours after ours and we arrived at the airport the exact same time….

Talk about one hell of a day.

We didn’t get to our hotel until about 10pm and were SO ready for bed.

Check back tomorrow to see if our trip got better…or worse…

xoxo, Monica

Last Day on the Slopes.

I’m SO SO glad I decided to ski another day y’all.

The weather couldn’t have been any more perfect, I think I may have even sweat a little!

The sun was bright and shining and it was SUCH a beautiful day.


I am so shocked that I survived the Colorado Cold Weather!

I am the biggest baby in cold weather but surprisingly it wasn’t too too bad.

After skiing we all went out to eat then went home to take a quick nap.

(that’s what happens when you get old)

We weren’t going to leave until Sunday but decided to leave a day early

so that we all didnt have to go straight to work after driving all night.

Thank God we did that because Kyle and I slept ALL day long on Sunday!

After our nap we all got dressed and decided to walk around town

since it was our last night!

We did some shopping then decided to go to a mexican restaurant,

because all of us were having major queso withdrawals.

That place definitely did not have your typical mexican food, 

but it wasn’t bad!

The next day we all packed up and headed home.

I will definitely be looking forward to our next trip to Colorado!!

Celebrating NYE.

We actually got to Colorado ON New Years Eve.

Which means we had been driving all through the night and had gotten little to no sleep.

Which means all of us were basically dead.

We all took a little power nap and decided to go to this firework show/parade around 5:30.

Kyle and his cousin Corey were feeling bad (altitude sickness) so they stayed in.

We decided to walk to the “show” and once we finally got there it was over.

Talk about a bummer. 

Since it was over we just decided to hop on a bus and head to a local causal bar.

Here is my COMPLETE last minute NYE outfit.

I had ordered a dress before we left and it didnt arrive in time for me to take it 🙁

So I literally threw random things in my suitcase and well this is what I came up with!

No jewelry or anything because I was rushed :(. hmph. 

BUT I did grab an adorable coat and threw on a scarf, which made it all the better.

After about an hour at the bar we FINALLY convinced Kyle and Corey to come.

 I was NOT going to let Kyle get away with not kissing me on NYE.

Once they got there we ALL started to get super tired…

We definitely made a huge mistake by starting our night out at 5:30 and not napping longer.

After the other boys got there we stayed about another hour..

Then we were ALL ready to go lay down..pretty sure it was around 9 or 10 at this time. Ha!

So Kyle and I cheated and took a “Happy New Year Kiss Photo” WAY before it was the new year.

Hey, sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

Half of us ended up leaving and half of us ended up staying.

We went back to our condo and all got in comfy clothes,

by the time we sat on the couch the other half of the group had already showed up!

So, I guess it wasn’t the most exciting NYE, but it sure was an AMAZING trip.

Can’t wait to share our first day of skiing with y’all tomorrow!

xoxo, Monica

Leather, Chambray, and London.


Chambray Top: Jcpenny

Sandals: Forever21 (old)


Last night we went to Nanas (Kyles grandma) for a little going away party for his little sister! 

She’s going to be studying abroad in London this semester 

and we are all SO SO excited for her! 

Before going to Nanas I always have to physically prepare myself…

You can always count on her to have THE best snacks available before dinner…

 you know,  like the kind you physically can’t stop eating.

So when it’s finally time to eat dinner you already feel like you’re going to throw up,

 because you’re just so full.

But you can’t just not eat because the food she makes tastes incredible.

To sum it up I look about 8 months pregnant this morning…

The food baby that arrives after Nanas cooking always take at least a day or 2 to go down.

Needless to say, I won’t be wearing anything too form fitting this weekend.

Can’t believe she’s leaving on Monday! I may be a TAD bit jealous.

Kyle and I decided to be a little patriotic as well…I mean since the flag was there and everything.

Happy Friday!!!

Have a relaxing & safe weekend.

xoxo, Monica