Labor Day Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday!

Obviously I couldn’t rock a pair of overalls without doing a heel kick photo.

I’ve had these overalls for a few years now and only worn them a handful of times,

BUT they are too cute to ever get rid of. 

I’ve linked a few super cute overall options below for you babes 

Edgy, Simple, Higher end

Our labor day weekend was supposed to consist of lots of dove hunting,
but the weather was no bueno so instead it consisted of lots of drinking.
However I did manage to get a couple cute photos before the rain came.
[are you surprised?]

About the time the girls loaded up all the beer for the boys and got out there it started pouring.
Needless to say there was very little hunting.
We all headed back to the house and hung out for the day.
That evening the family went to our all time fav restaurant in the valley for dinner, Arturos!

I scored this cute little romper online at ShopHopes and 

these wedges pretty much never leave my body. 

I got mine on sale for $75 but unfortunately that sale is over.

However, here is a similar option at a more affordable price!

Hope your Tuesday is better than your Monday was!

Getaway Weekend with the Girrrrrls

Can we talk about how cute these hats are?!

I scored them off this website and I’m SO glad I caved in and bought them.

Long car rides with your bff always result in ridiculous photo shoots and music videos.

You all should consider yourselves lucky that I’m not posting the videos we took.

One of Claire’s bridesmaids was nice enough to offer all of us the weekend

 at her in laws house in Boerne, after about a 4 hour trip we FINALLY made it.

And goshhhhhh it was purtyyy!

It only took about 10 minutes for us all to bust open the champagne and 

start getting ready for the day!

Check back tomorrow for a super cute outfit post and some wine adventures.

xoxo, Monica

Hunting Season Part II

Annndddddd that’s a wrap!!

It was definitely a weekend to remember.

Xoxo, Monica

Goodbye Vegas

It’s safe to say that our Vegas trip didn’t exactly go as planned…

It kind of almost feels like I never went, but hey life aint fair & sometimes vacations turn to crap.

The last night we decided to see a Cirque Du Soleil show and I was SO pumped!

So, I hate to disappoint but I actually have no clue where this outfit is from…

However I’ve found some similar items for y’all!

Top: [similar]

Skirt: [similar] [similar] [similar]

Necklace: Etsy

Sandals: [similar] [similar]

It was a great way to end our trip!

Our flight was at 12:59 so we made sure to get some fun in

 before we headed off to the dreaded airport…

Hopefully our next Vegas experience will go a little more smoothly…

Until next time!

xoxo, Monica

Vegas Pool Day

Saturday was finally a day where we would all be able to hang out together,
it was also Kyle and I’s last day because our flight was at midnight.

All of the boys went to the casino first thing in the morning and I knew I couldn’t leave
Vegas without exploring at least a little bit with Kyle!
So…I dragged him out of the hotel and we walked around!

See that roller coaster?
After a little exploring Kyle and I decided to hop right on!
Definitely not mad about it, it was so much fun!

After a little walking around we were ready to hit up the pool,
Vegas is HOT and we were both drenched in sweat.

We headed back to the hotel and got the rest of the guys and headed to the pool!

It was definitely a great way to spend the last day of our trip.
I had been craving the pool the WHOLE time I was there and was so happy to finally go to one!

I definitely didn’t mind being the only girl on the trip,
It was a little refreshing to be honest.

Ohhhh Vacations….why do they always have to end?