Halloween 2015 Part I

This Halloween was definitely one for the books.

Kyle and I really haven’t done anything for Halloween since college
 so we were WAY overdue for a little fun.

We had plans for Saturday but my best friend Claire and I felt the urge to troll the town Friday night.
So…Vampires it was!

We had THE best night.

Claire is one of those friends where you can literally be sitting in a dumpster, starving, naked, in 20 degree weather and you will still be having the best time of your life.

She definitely makes this life of mine WAY brighter.

We headed to midtown and met up with Kyle’s cousin & his girlfriend for a little bit.

Then continued roaming the streets and being constantly asked if we were twins,

to which we of course replied with “duh, how’d ya know?!”

We get that question pretty regularly, and we kind of love it.
Friday was lots of fun, I’ll never get sick of girls nights no matter how old I get…
But SATURDAY is when the real party happened…

Check back tomorrow to see our best friend taco costumes y’all.