Brunchin’ Again.

Kyle and I LOVE to do brunch, 

there are so many little places downtown that have amazing brunch 

and we love trying out new restaurants. 

Last Sunday we met up with Bryan & Skye for brunch and mimosas!

[my brother in law and his girlfriend]

We went to a place called Royal Oak Bar & Grill,

I had been there once with my girlfriends and all I remember was there amazing mimosas!

They come in pitchers and they have a few different flavors.

I decided to get blackberry this time around, and oh my word it was YUMMY.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the food is pretty delicious too.

After brunch we all headed back to our place and then headed off to the dog park!


These pups are seriously obsessed with each other. 

It was a pretty great Sunday if you ask me.

I’m pretty excited about getting to see and spend time 

with both of our families this weekend for Easter!

Sooooo on a different note.

I have gotten a few requests to do a “get ready with me” video.

Now, I’m not a makeup or hair professional. Hell, I can’t even apply eye shadow.

BUT, I will totally do this for y’all!! 

My every day “look” is pretty simple and most of my products are cheap!

So keep an eye out for a video soon, possibly even THIS week…

like…maybe even tomorrow if y’all are really lucky! ;] 

Happy Hump Day

xoxo, Monica

Wedding Highlight Video…Part I

Hi girls!

Okay so Kyle’s cousin Corey is one heck of a videographer/editor!

He bought a GoPro a while back and has fallen in love with filming and editing

and making amazing short videos for his family and friends!

Although Kyle and I had other videographers at the wedding with “real” cameras,

Corey managed to put together this incredible highlight video for us only using a few

GoPro cameras! 

Oh and did I mention that he was IN the wedding, and still managed to do this?!

He is SO awesome y’all, for real.

He’s videoed a few different weddings and a bunch of other fun events and

he now has his own business doing it!

So if you’re wanting to have an awesome memory of ANY type of event,

he is your guy!!

Check out mine and Kyles wedding video he did for us!

I am in LOVE.
Everyone go like his Facebook page!!

Make sure you click full screen so my page on the right isn’t cutting it off!

We are SO anxious and excited to be getting our pictures from the photographer

in just a couple more weeks!

Hopefully the other video will be ready soon also!

Ah….I’m still so sad that it’s all over, it’s crazy how fast the actual day goes!

<3 <3 <3