I’M MARRIED!! (Wedding Sneak Peek)

Well y’all…

I’ve officially been married for 2 days now and it’s THE BEST!

Sunday was absolutely incredible, it was more than I ever could have imagined.

Seriously perfect in every way possible.

I’m not going to lie I completely shocked myself,

I am a very sensitive person and I cry often, 

leading up the wedding just thinking about it or hearing certain songs always made me cry.

I honestly thought I was going to be a complete mess the entire day of the wedding.

I was surprisingly calm the 2 days before and even more calm the day of!

Y’all, I didn’t shed ONE tear my entire wedding day!

 Is that normal?!

I think I was just constantly busy and so caught up in everything,

and I was SO excited and happy that I just wanted to run around and scream! haha

The day literally flew by.

The weather in Houston has been absolutely crazy, 

my dream was to have the wedding outside but I knew that may not be possible.

It was literally 28 degrees and rainy a few days before the wedding…

Y’all it was 75 and sunny with a few clouds, and just absolutely perfect.

God is GOOD, we seriously got so lucky!!

Of course no wedding is perfect and there were a few mishaps…

like Kyle totaling his brothers car the day before the wedding,

music and songs not playing or not being loud enough,

and other little things, but hey there’s always got to be something!

I remember looking out the window and seeing Kyle and the pastor

walking down the aisle to the alter 

and I felt this intense amount of joy and excitement.

It felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest and all I wanted

to do was run out there and tackle him and give him the biggest kiss ever.

Since I was so calm all day I figured my break down moment

would be walking down the aisle.

I did things a little different, since the aisle was so long

 I had my dad come out a different side and stand in the middle,

once he was in the middle I walked out by myself to meet him.

STILL didn’t cry…haha I am still shocked!

I can’t explain the feelings that came over me when I saw Kyle

standing up there waiting for me.

He looked unbelievably handsome, 

he grabbed my hands and gave me “the look”.

You know, that look your man gives you when he is absolutely smitten.

The look he gave me made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the entire world.

(He has successfully made me feel that way every day we’ve been together)

Both of us couldn’t stop smiling, 

I don’t think he took his eyes off of me the entire time we were up there.

Kyle and I are both SO anxious to see all of the pictures,

but of course we have to wait 5-6 weeks!

Don’t worry though we had plenty of iPhones around to capture little glimpses,

so I’ll give y’all a sneak peek!!

This is the entrance to the reception!

Kyle’s aunt decorated the alter and it was absolutely stunning!

So that’s all I have for outside, now I’ll show y’all some pics of the reception!

Our gift table! How cute is the mailbox? We used it for cards!

Sign in table!

We had our guests sign their name on a little wooden heart 

& drop it in the frame!

Cake table!

One of the centerpieces!

I’m hoping someone got a better picture of this!

We took mason jar mugs and put chalkboard stickers on them,

so people could write their name and use them for the night!

They also got to take them home!

The picture table!

Sunday was seriously the best and most fun day of my entire life.

It went by way too fast!

That’s all for today because I have a million things to do 

before we leave for the honeymoon!

I’ll share some more pics tomorrow!

EEP I’m married!!!!!


Today I become a wife.

I’m marrying my best friend,

 my support system, my personal comedian, my comforter, 

my everything.
Today we get to celebrate this incredible, fun, passionate,
unconditional love we have for each other.
We get to celebrate while being surrounded by
our closest friends and family who will support us, love us,
laugh with us, cry with us, and pray for us.
Today we make promises, promises that will never be broken.
Promises to love one another for better or for worse,
richer or poorer, in sickness and in health.
Today I’m filled with nerves, excitement and a million different emotions.

Anxiously waiting for 5pm when we finally get to say “I do”

I can’t even begin to explain the type of bond Kyle and I have.

It’s unique, it’s real, it’s special, and it’s strong.

I knew from the moment I met him that he was completely different,
and I am madly in love with every single thing about him.

You bring me an insane amount of joy Kyle Kaase,
and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life doing everything I can
to bring as much love and happiness to you as you have brought to me.
As long as there is breath in my lungs, I promise to never stop loving you.
<3 <3
Happy Wedding Day Handsome.