Kaase Gets Cozy

Well, May 27th was pretty much the prettiest day e.v.e.r.

My sister in law got married in her fiancé’s families lake house backyard
and it was unbelievably stunning.

The day started out with hair & makeup of course,
oh and lots and lots of pigs in a blanket.
Oh, and mimosas!

I was so obsessed with the wedding colors,
each bridesmaid got to choose her own dress and the colors looks so beautiful together.

The boys looked SO handsome as well, 

I couldn’t get over how cutie Kyle was in those suspenders.

 (link to my dress)

The ceremony was short and soso sweet.
The entire day flew by wayyyy too fast.

Here’s a shot of me and my brand new brother right after the ceremony!

hehe love ya Alex!

It was such a beautiful day, for an even more beautiful couple.
So excited for them to start this next chapter as husband and wife. 

Memorial Day Weekend Recap Part I

Wait, it’s June already?!

Sheesh, May was such a busy month for us!!

We bought and moved into our new home, I turned 28, 

my sweet sister [in law] married her best friend, 

and it feels like about a million other things happened as well!

We had a super busy Memorial Day weekend, 

we left on Thursday to head to Canyon Lake.

That’s where the wedding took place and we were nonstop all weekend!

Friday was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner,

the dinner took place at a beautiful restaurant winery called Oak Valley.

dress | heels | ear rings | clutch

A few days before the rehearsal dinner Kyle and I were asked to do a surprise toast

for the bride and groom.

Guys…public speaking, no no no, NOT my thing.

BUT of course, we were so honored and love those two to death.

So it wasn’t difficult at all to get up there and pour our hearts out.

The entire weekend flew by wayyyyyy too fast, 

Tomorrow I’ll give y’all a glimpse into the wedding day!

Holy crap, it was SO perfect.

Backyard weddings will forever be my fav.

Season of Celebrating

Hello Lovers!

| Dress |

I’ve noticed I tend to do this thing, where I blog for a week, 

and then you don’t hear from me for like two months…


There has been SO much going on.

Kyle and I are moving into our new home next week!

We couldn’t be more excited.

SO many of my friends are getting engaged and married and it seems like

we have some sort of shower or party every single weekend,

which is definitely not a bad thing!

We’re going through a season of celebrating and I aint mad about it. 

Kyles stepsister Taryn got married a couple weeks ago and it was so gorgeous.

The reception was at Moffit Oaks and it was basically every girls pinterest dream wedding.

The mother of the bride actually planned a flash mob for the reception and

it was a HUGE hit and seriously so cool.

This weekend I’ll be heading to the Hill Country for my sister in laws bachelorette weekend.

Her wedding is at the end of this month and it’s going to be so freaking perfect.

I’m still adjusting to life back at home.

Missing my salon friends SO much,

and missing that face to face interaction with my customers.

So there’s a little update for you all!

Happy Monday friends, hope this week treats you well!

A Wedding and a Photo Shoot Fail.

So Kyle and I went to his cousins wedding last weekend,

and I LOVED my outfit.

Unfortunately we were short on time and didnt get a chance to do the typical 

photo shoot before leaving.

This means I did the photo shoot last night….

in the semi freezing cold, windy & rainy weather.

Therefore NONE of the pictures turned out how I wanted, 

and these pictures do NOT do justice of how cute my outfit really was in person.

*insert dramatic sad face here*

Most of the pics are blurry from the rain and me shivering and what not…

But oh well, these will have to do!

Okay y’all, this jacket is AMAZING.

I got a million and one compliments 

and you can’t see all of its amazingness in my pictures but…

you can see more HERE

Please excuse the wrinkles, 

oh and apparently I was supposed to tie the two straps hanging down around my waist, whoops.

Dress: LuLus.com

Jacket: XeniaBoutique

Necklace: LuLus.com

Heels: Forever21

Clutch: ShopMCE.com

Kyle’s brother Bryan and his girlfriend Skye rode with us to the wedding!

We got there, got ready and then headed off to the venue.

The wedding was beautiful and we are so so happy for them.

Here are a few pictures of us at the rehearsal.

Kyle with his dad and little brother.

Father in Law! <3

 Anddddd that’s a wrap!

We had such an amazing time and are SO happy for Jacob and Mandi!

It has been sooooo cold here in Houston! 

and I can’t tell if I love it or hate it,

I’m definitely loving that I get to whip out all of my favorite Fall and Winter clothes!

Happy Monday y’all!

xoxo, Monica

Engagement Pictures!!

Kyle and I finally did our engagement pictures this weekend!

My dad took them for us and they are seriously PERFECT, 

I couldn’t be any happier!!

I could look at these pictures all day long.

Y’all should see my Facebook page right now, it’s literally a shrine of our relationship.

Sorry I’m not sorry. 

First outfit details:

Top: Tobi

Jeans: ShopMCE

Boots: MaddenGirl via Zappos

Watch: ShopMCE

Second outfit details:

The most amazing dress in the world: Lulus.com