Needing Some Blogger Encouragement.

Before I get started, Have any of you switched from blogger to wordpress?!
if so, what are your thoughts?!


The reason I started this little blog was for myself.

I wanted to have somewhere I could go and share things that were important to me.

A little place to have where I could one day look back and re-live special moments in my life.

The past year or so I’ve definitely not been as passionate about it.

Why? Well I think I finally figured it out.

I’ve gotten lazy.

And by that I mean, 

Ive stopped reading other peoples blogs, stopped commenting, just stopped everything that came along with blogging.

I’ve gotten busier and feel like I barely have time to blog myself,

much less go through everyone else’s blogs and leave sweet comments.

I turned blogging into a job.

Once I got “too busy” I almost felt like I HAD to have a post all the time,

and would pretty much force myself and well, that made it no fun at all.

THANK GOD, I’ve come to this realization…

I miss all of you.

I remember a while back thinking 

“WOW, there are so many amazing girls I’ve met through blogging”

Honestly though, through some really difficult times in my life YOU were the ones

encouraging me, lifting me up, sending me the sweetest emails.

and I don’t even know y’all!

It blows my mind how amazing all of you are.

THAT’S what’s changed about blogging,

I’ve stopped interacting with some of the most incredible people out there.

I used to LOVE getting comments/emails and chatting back and forth with y’all all day.

But then I got lazy and would forget to respond…

and what’s the fun in leaving a comment on a blog where you know they’ll never respond?

I really miss that aspect of blogging.

I started blogging for myself, 

but never realized that I would actually gain lifelong “blog friends”.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is…


One of my New Years Resolutions was to start blogging consistently again,

because I really do LOVE it.

I’m super bummed because my GFC is basically dead.

Apparently blogger/google/whomever got rid of it, 

and some peoples GFC still works and some don’t.

Well mine doesn’t.

So I kind of feel like I’m starting over, with 0 followers.

Which brings me to a question…

How the heck are people supposed to follow me now? Just by email?

If any of you blogging girls know TELL ME, 

because feeling like no one can even follow me is definitely a little discouraging.

Well, I’m off to go stalk some of your blogs! 



xoxo, Monica

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