Kayla Itsines BBG review – Week 4.

Hey guys!

So I realized I haven’t really updated y’all on my progress and thoughts of the BBG I purchased.

First of all, I REALLY love it.

I’m on week 4 and I’ve pretty much been able to do every work out at home

(I already had dumbbells, and I went ahead a purchased a weight bench)

Which is a HUGE plus for me.

I love that the work outs are only 30 minutes long, 

and I LOVE that afterwards I feel like I got in an amazing work out even though it was so short.

There hasn’t been a single day since i’ve started where at least 1 body part isn’t sore. 

I purchased the Bikini Body Bundle where it also came with a meal plan.

I’m somewhat regretting that, NOT because it isn’t amazing, but because I know myself 

and I’ve never been one to really stick with a strict meal plan.

However, if I was living by myself I would definitely be sticking with the meal plan.

But having a husband that likes junk food and to go out to eat it makes it REALLY hard.

(because of course I love those things too)

As for the progress, I can totally tell my body is changing.

BUT I haven’t been eating like I’m supposed too, so my progress isn’t anything where it should be.

My legs and butt are definitely getting more toned and growing,

but I’ve also been adding in extra leg & butt work outs since I’m really trying to grow that area.

These work outs may not be for everyone but I happen to really love them.

Was it worth the $120? For me, yes.

I can say that since I started I have STUCK with it and worked out every single day 

of the week except Sunday, and before I started I would drag myself to the gym maybe

2-3 days a week.

So that’s a HUGE deal for me, the fact that I really enjoy these work outs.

I’m also working body parts that I never would’ve done myself at the gym.

I will definitely keep y’all posted about my thoughts and progress

throughout the 12 weeks.

Hope this helps anyone who has gone back and forth about purchasing!!

xoxo, Monica

Mondays are the devil.

Mondays are the devil.

Yesterday was a tad bit stressful, crappy things pretty much kept happening throughout the entire day.

Of course they were minor things that just put a damper on my day,

but to sum it all up, it was a ROUGH day.

I got my first work out in for Day 1 Week 1 of Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide…

However, I ate terrible 🙁 I forgot how bad of a stress eater I am.

Sheesh, I’m just thankful that day is over!!

Today will be better!

Today is “cardio” day, but I think I may add in a little weight training as well.

One of my goals is to grow my legs and butt and I know I’ll need to lift heavy to do so!

Have any of you ladies done work outs that have helped grow your booty successfully?!

If so, PLEASE, I’m begging you, share. 

Back On a Routine.

Why is getting back on a normal routine SO dang hard after a vacation?!


Last week I was exhausted every single day, barely worked out,  and ate like crap.

But this week I’m back at it. 

Has anyone else been seeing and hearing ALL about the “Kayla Movement” lately?!

Well, I’ve been following her on instagram for a little while now, 

and well I gave in.

She’s got this 12 week bikini body guide (along with a bunch of other things) and I totally bought it.

It took me a few weeks to convince myself but I’m really happy I did.

I start day 1 today and I’m really pumped about it.

It’s going to be really nice to just take a piece of paper into the gym with me every day,

and know exactly what I need to do and get it done.

[Learn more about her guide HERE]

My biggest problem when I go to the gym is not having a plan.

Sure I’ll say “it’s leg day, arm day etc” but not having specific work outs in mind often 

lead to boredom, laziness, or just leaving right after cardio.

And Lord knows I need weights in my life, otherwise I’d be the skinny fat version of scrawny Ronnie.

So, I’ll definitely keep yall updated on my progress and how I like her work outs!

You should follow her on instagram for inspiration at the least. 

Happy Monday Ladies, I know it’s not the happiest of days but try to make it one!

GIRLS TRIP and a Detailed Work Out Routine (before pic)

I am so so excited y’all!

I’m going on a cruise with just my girlfriends in February!!!

I’m going with 2 of my best friends (Liz and Jenn) that i’ve pretty much known my whole life, 

and then a girl named Jamie, who I’ve never really met, but i’m sure she’s just the greatest.

I’m so pumped. I haven’t been on a girls trip since college,

and even then it was more like a weekend trip to another place in Texas, not a trip to Mexico!

We are leaving in about 3 weeks, which means I have 3 weeks to kick my butt in shape!

I’m currently eating a cookies & cream quest bar while I type this.

[so good]

I’m planning on working my butt and legs REAL good today, 

oh and some cardio of course!

Luckily, I’ve already been eating better and working out.

So I’m not like panicked thinking I have to cleanse and do crazy amounts of cardio every day.

Here is what a typical work out week looks like for me!

Obviously some weeks I end up skipping days or doing something completely different,

but this will give you a good idea of what I TRY to do every week.

Now I am obviously no fitness expert, and I have nothing close to a “dream body”

BUT I know what works for me, and maybe it’ll work for you too!

I also suggest going to random fitness classes, and switching things up every now and then!

Monday: Legs & Butt

[Monday & Thursday are my leg & butt days, on Mondays I stick with machines at the gym, and Thursdays are when I use free weights/body weight]

I also switch out with either doing as much weight as I can with less reps,

or a less amount of weight with a lot of reps.

30-45 minutes of any type of cardio (elliptical is my favorite)

Inner & Outer Thigh Machine 

Leg Extension Machine 

Seated Hamstring Curls

Leg Press Machine 

I use the Leg Press Machine to work out my calves also, 

I learned the hard way that you should do one leg at a time when doing calves, 

because I’ve had only 1 calf sore for 3 days now. whoops!

10 minutes Stair Master 


Tuesday: Arms/Upper Back

I typically do 1 or 2 arm work out videos at home (will link my favs below)

ToneItUp Bikini Arms

10 Minutes to Tone: Arm Work Out

After doing these at home I head to the gym to do cardio.

30-45 minutes of any kind

Then will do some free weights/machines

Bicep Curls 

Tricep Extensions

Shoulder Press

Alternating Front & Side Raises

Lat Pull Down Machine

End with 10 minutes on the Rowing Machine

Wednesday: Abs/Lower Back

I’ve noticed that on Wednesdays I tend to get really lazy,

I do my cardio then I’m pretty much done for the day, 

but I REALLY want to find an ab/lower back routine that I love so that I actually do it.

So if you have any good ab/lower back work outs TELL ME.

30-45 minutes any type of cardio

To be completely honest I haven’t worked out my abs/lower back in forever,

which is probably why I hate both of those parts of my body right now.

BUT if you haven’t ever heard of Blogilates she has some awesome videos!!

So I will probably start doing those on Wednesdays.

Thursday: Legs & Butt

(I will go into more detail of these exercises soon)

30-45 minutes of any type of cardio




Side Lunges

Squat with alternating leg raises 

Donkey Kicks

Fire Hydrants

Friday: Full Body or Arms

Sometimes I work out on Fridays and sometimes I don’t.

If I do, I will do like 20 minutes of Cardio followed with a Full Body Work Out Video or a
simple arm work out!

If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask!! 

Hopefully I really stick with this schedule for the next few weeks.

If you have an awesome work out that you love PLEASE share it with me!

Here I am today…
Not loving it…actually can’t believe I’m posting this.

Hopefully in a few weeks my butt & legs will be bigger 

and stomach & waist will be tighter with more definition!

Happy Thursday!

xoxo, Monica

Sweaters and Sore Muscles.

Top: ShopMCE.com

Skirt: WindsorStore.com [sold out]

Clutch: ShopMCE.com

Sandals: LuLus.com

I got this sweater in on Friday (also comes in black) and I just couldn’t wait to wear it!

It is the softest material EVER, and super cute!

This is the one bad thing about being a Boutique Owner…

You literally want to keep EVERY thing that comes in!

Saturday, after spending the entire day on the couch watching a new show on netflix

I decided Kyle should take me to dinner, I was nice and paid.

We went to one of Kyles all time favorites, ShoGun.

It’s one of those Japanese places where they cook in front of you!

The food was incredible, as always,

and even though we’ve been there a hundred times it’s always just as entertaining.

On a different note…

I’ve worked out consistently for 4 days straight!!

I can barely walk y’all….

I found the lovely Sophie, from Way of Gray a while back,

 and actually used to do some of her work outs before the wedding!

Well, I have no idea why I stopped.

I bought another one of her Ebooks and have been doing it for 4 days

and holy crap.

My triceps, calves, quads, and chest are DYING, and I love it.

She is such an amazing girl, and super motivating!

I’m sure I’ll end up buying ALL of her Ebooks just because I love the work outs so much,

and they are SUPER effective.

Oh and they are only $10…you really can’t beat that.

Hope all of you have a good Monday!

xoxo, Monica

(This was not a sponsored post, I’m just sharing my personal opinion of Way of Gray’s work outs!)