A Little Zoo Date Action

This post is long overdue, but better late than never!

Top: LuLus

Plaid Shirt: LuLus

Jeans: Cotton on [similar] [similar]


 Okay y’all these little booties totally changed my life, and are probably my fav purchase all year, they’re currently sold out but the brand is Blowfish


Kyle has a lot of vacation days built up so he’s pretty much gotten to take off every Friday

for the past few weeks until next year! 

WHICH MEANS…. fun day dates y’all *insert salsa dancing emoji*

The zoo is probably one of my most favorite places ever…

I’m that girl that cries anytime she sees a baby animal.

Giraffes have to be my all time favorite, 

like can’t breathe, hold back the tears, try not to scream kind of favorite. 

 (next to dolphins, but they aren’t at the zoo) 

I immediately turn into a child when there are giraffes or any animals I love in close proximity,

and I have absolutely no shame about it.

brb while I cry and stare at the giraffes for hours on end.

I have the major sads right now because I was going through iPhoto planning this post,

andddddd ALL our photos from this day are gone 🙁 

Damn you, iPhoto. 

We had such a fun little day walking around the Zoo, holding hands and being all romantical.

I’m like months behind on blogging…time to get y’all all caught up!